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Extrasensory perception (ESP) is indeed real, however, the dramas on television featuring ESP are a little out there for me. While I don't believe what I consider an exaggerated form of ESP, I have personally experienced second sight and no matter what anyone says, I KNOW what I saw. It wasn't just a single experience either. It has happened many times.

My personal experiences with ESP were nothing really spectacular, nevertheless, I saw things in my mind before they happened, and the images were very clear. Likely as not, I had been having these experiences on and off since childhood, and just never really paid much attention to them.

The first time that I realized I had witnessed an event before it occurred was when I was sixteen years old. It was about eleven o'clock at night, and I had slipped out of the house to meet the guy next door who got off work at eleven, and got home between eleven and eleven-thirty. He was in his early twenties and he would take me to the Biff Burger, which was open till midnight.

Sitting on the steps in front of the house, I saw my father, clear as a bell. His image just popped right into my mind as if it had been forced in. I even shook my head against the intrusion, trying to force the image out. Moments later, my father came up behind me, demanding to know what I was doing sitting out on the steps in the middle of the night.

The second time I noticed it I was sound asleep and my eyes were forcing themselves open for some reason. When I came out of my sleep, I saw a humongous palmetto bug on the ceiling directly over me. I screeched and rolled out of bed.

Was it calling me? Was it making some kind of vibration that my subconscious mind had picked up? Those are the questions I intend ask Jesus Christ when I pass from this world to His. When He was with the disciples, he suggested that we had power but that we didn't know how to access it. We didn't have enough faith.

Look at all the things He did such as turning the water to wine, walking on water, feeding the multitude with just a few scraps of food, healing the lame, blind and diseased- not to mention raising the dead!

These ESP visions have been happening on and off all of my life. One time it happened at the dog track with my husband and a friend. I wasn't feeling well that day and wasn't betting. We were watching the races on a monitor in the lounge when the lights on the starting gate came on.

It was at that time when I saw in my mind as clear as a picture, three dogs cross the finish line and I said aloud, "3, 5, 7." My husband and our friend simultaneously turned to look at me.

The bell went off and the dogs went around the track. The 3, 5, 7, in that order, crossed the finish line. My husband turned to me with a happy smile, and he was surely disappointed to learn that I hadn't bet it. I saw it just seconds before the race.

There have been a number of ESP events in my life, many of which are a bit too personal to share and actually happen to be the strongest images to come to my mind. But they involve family and friends so I'll just keep those to myself.

Suffice it to say, ESP is very real. Maybe everyone has a bit of second sight and maybe some of us are simply more open to it. I've tried to develop it, but it always just happens. Images simply pop into my mind, seconds before it happens, leaving me little time to react.

The human mind is fascinating, and there's no telling what kind of powers or abilities it's capable of. We only use a portion of it. I suppose if our minds opened to its full potential, we'd be gods.

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