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Originally in writing this, my article was blank when trying to publish it! Makes me wonder if that means something ominous for me...

I have ESP on occasion. It all started back in middle school, when I would just have an unexplainable sense that something would happen. I was able to predict all unscheduled fire drills, so that I was never surprised when they happened. Usually when I got that feeling, I would tell someone, and that person would be by me when it came to pass, and then they'd know I had predicted it.

I also would have dreams of teachers during the summer, which would mean I would have them the following school year. That only happened a couple of times, but it held true.

My next type of premonition comes in the form of seeing or sensing the nearness of bugs-quite literally. It comes to me anywhere between a day and 20 minutes of it happening, where a bug will come across my path in some way. I have no idea why BUGS of all things, because I actually have a phobia of bugs and will only bravely kill ones that hardly move and leave the fast or huge ones for someone else to do it for me! But I had that happen yesterday morning, in fact. I woke up and thought about silverfish. Why, I couldn't tell you. It wasn't like I watched anything on tv the night before, or had a discussion about them. I stood in the bathroom and what did I see-a huge silverfish was floating in the toilet! That's the other thing about these bug premonitions, I always know *where* to look when I sense that I'll see a bug. So after I flushed the toilet, I look down on the floor and saw a baby silverfish!

The other two types of premonitions I get are in the form of seeing words of places or people. Some years back, I had L-A-X on my mind and it kept repeating in my head for no logical reason for a couple of days. I went on a road trip to St. Louis with the family after that, and just when we were settled in our hotel room and turned on the tv, there was a breaking news report on some disturbance at LA's international airport, referred to as LAX. Coincidence? I think not! With names, I tend to see or think about certain actors or singers who I'm not even that familiar with sometimes. Then, I usally hear about their death. Such was the case with Telly Salvagas (the bald guy who played the character Cojac on television). I joked with my uncle-in-law that he kind of looked like Cojac with hair, and we had a good laugh. The next morning my uncle-in-law bought a newspaper and gave me a funny look. Then we both read of Telly Salvagas suddenly dying!

Now, I have no idea why I get these things happening to me. I don't practice anything occult, am a devout Christian, and don't seem to have any visions of answer prayers or things like that. Anything I have happen is very random, and seems to not be of any benefit to anyone, especially since I won't know *why* I thought of or saw something in my mind. So for anyone who thinks ESP doesn't exist, they're wrong! It does, and it still baffles and mystifies people, even in this day and age!

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