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According to Sergeant Clifford Stone, who previously worked on top-secret government projects, there are now at least 57 alien species that have been catalogued. This claim was one of many made at the "Disclosure Project" conference, during which various similar information was released. Why is it that this information has been released, yet there has been no breaking nightly news about it? Why is it that to believe in aliens is to be scoffed at?

The reason is that top-secret government projects encompass a whole lot more than the recovery of crashed UFO's. The nightly news would never broadcast a segment on the reality of aliens because aliens as a myth are part of the fantasy world that has been created by mass media on the orders of the government. The movie "Men in Black" was a box office hit. Why? Besides the dynamic duo of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, there are a lot of aliens. This is one movie out of hundreds, probably thousands, that involve extraterrestrials.

Movies involving aliens are common because they make money, but also because they reinforce the idea that aliens are nothing but a fantasy, that it is ridiculous to believe in aliens. The truth is, it is ridiculous NOT to believe in aliens. How caught up in one's own little world to believe that there are no other life forms somewhere in the big universe.

There has been talk lately, on the web and on the news networks, of a drastic change in human society scheduled for December 21st, 2012. This date is significant because it is the end of the Mayan calendar, and people believe that this indicates certain occurrences, ranging from the apocalypse to spiritual enlightenment. One theory is that there is a wave of energy moving through space that is beginning to wash over the Earth, which will have a profound enlightening effect on the human consciousness.

Those who are are in power over the masses in this world do not want any profound enlightening going on here. Think about what has happened to most of the profound enlighteners in the past. No, those in power would do all they could to prevent this from happening.

Another claim made during the Disclosure Project conference besides the discovery of 57 alien species, is that top-secret government projects have also discovered how to rebuild alien spacecraft anti-gravity propulsion systems. These spacecraft are capable of super-luminary speeds, which is faster than the speed of light.

Four years from now, when the country is once again caught up in political races, foreign affairs, terrorism, and apocalyptic prophecies, these alien crafts could be unleashed in a seeming attack on humanity. We will be threatened the same way we were threatened on September 11th, but this time the enemy will not be terrorism, it will be aliens. One has to realize that seeing aliens destroy humanity in the movies over and over is simply to prepare the masses to react the same way when a similar attack is staged. Don't fall for it.

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