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Evolve Intimates Transformation

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Evolution is the meta-narrative of science, which offers one explanation of the existence of life on Earth in its present form.

The foundation of the word, "evolution," is the word, "evolve."  

Evolve intimates "the transformation of one living being in which the extant characteristics of the same exist in code in DNA, which both maintains the current necessary functions of which the current being requires for the present format of existence, while at the same time adapts the DNA code through the necessary adjustment to changes in the environment of the same being, resulting in an entirely new DNA code for the survival of progeny in the new environment, with its significant changes."

The previous statement seems to be the consistent belief of scientists, who examine the world from the world-view of evolution as the extensive meta-narrative that it is.

The honest evolution proponent must admit that evolution is indeed a meta-narrative, since the present gaps in scientific proof needed to support every aspect of evolutionary theory, leave the believer in the theory of evolution with no alternative, but to accept the existence of modalities within the gap by faith, not by concrete proof.

Evolution is difficult to explain, without sounding like a lawyer trying to win the criminal case of a defendant, whose claim of innocence is dubious at best.  (In other words, "Verbosity covers a multitude of sins.")

Evolution is the theory that complex living beings now exist as the descendants of simplistic living beings through the adaptation (i.e. change) of DNA, through the span of millions of years.

Even evolutionists do not believe in macro-evolutionary transformation from one generation to the next.  

Evolutionary theory requires that multiple incidents of micro-evolutionary adaptions, accumulated through the slow-process of stasis/adaptation in creative tension will result in comprehensive macro-evolution, given a sufficient number of years, (ranging from thousands to millions as needed for each specific change in DNA, and each subsequent creation of the various sub-groupings of species).

At issue is the need for many scientifically-plausible theories to explain the gaps, regarding certain aspects of DNA-adaptation to cover significant objects at the cellular-level, such as the mitochondria, which appears to be impossible to create through multiple incidents of micro-evolution.  

Other troubling aspects of evolutionary theory surround the transition of animals breathing oxygen through gills solely in a watery environment to animals that breathe oxygen with lungs, living solely on land, in which amphibious  animals, equally at home in the water or on land, are not part of the evolutionary chain of transitional forms.

Evolution (i.e. Evolve) is unlike revolution (i.e. revolve) in the trait of starting and ending points.  To revolve, something starts and end at the same point.  To evolve, somethings starts at one point and ends at another point in the generally upward movement of simplicity to complexity.

Yet, the Second Law of Thermo-Dynamics demonstrates the general movement of disintegration, from complex to simple forms, during the life-spans of living beings, in which any adaptation is consistently achieved through the outside assistance of clothing and shelter for the physical protection of the body, and it is not achieved through genetic-adaptations, since the same would be too slow for the day-to-day maintenance of physical life.

Evolution is a hypothesis that rivals belief in Santa Claus as to the myriad aspects that must be accepted, without scientific proof.

Apparently, Scopes proved evolution as well as Mr. Galey proved Santa Claus in The Miracle on 34th Street.

It would seem that anything can be proven by the right judge.

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