Evolution what is Evolution Evolution Versus Creation we are the Creation let us Create Man

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"Evolution what is Evolution Evolution Versus Creation we are the Creation let us Create Man"
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Evolution is the not only a fact of life, it is the basic fact of all life.

We all are made of the Universe, yet humans often seem to forget that we are part of creation. We do not deny we are made of water molecules, some chemicals, and basic amino acids, but we do tend to deny that all life is related, intrinsically, to all of us.

We may even be thought of as collections of cells in an on-going dance with every other cell, such as the cells in the plants and animals we eat, and the fungi, bacteria and more that comprise our bodies.

Nature always strives for survival and for life to perpetuate life.  Only human beings, with highly evolved brains, have arisen to create systems that actually run counter to nature. So we came to contemplate our being, decided, (many of us) that only we humans are made in God’s image, and God’s image is not reflected in the beauty of the entire natural world.

This seems crazy to many of us, who recognize that When God said “Let US make man in our image, God was clearly speaking of all divinity of all creation, otherwise, Who is the US? Think about it.  If our atoms came from the stars, why would we have any doubts that if there is a creation, we are part and parcel of it?

Still, people disobedient to God, ignore that as well as His advice to love one another and they fight on and on about evolution.Not to yammer on about the creation aspect of our belonging, but there really is not reason to doubt that God created Evolution, if you believe in God.

The real fear people have is that if there is evolution, there is no need for God. It is true you can believe in evolution without believing in God, but there is no commandment to do so, even from the Darwins or Dawkins of the world.

Evolution is simply the recognition, a wise one, that we are made of other living things, we need to cherish, protect, and be grateful for all of the creation, if we are to survive and continue to co create life on earth within a myriad of miraculous systems. All systems are formed of, and depend upon, diversity, balance, and clean air, water soil and food.

Some scientists point out that there are many flaws in evolution.  Why does an avocado pit need to be so large? Why have vestigial tails? Why are swallowing and breathing tubes in organisms too close together? And, every sophomore’s snickering favorite, why are our food waste and sexual recreational areas uncomfortably located near one another?

These are all valid questions, but they have valid and factual answers.  All of these adaptations are still, of course evolving, and all have been driven into existence by stages.  All also, have been changing according to what the environment of each generation favors. Evolution was never “designed” to work perfectly, only to work, slowly and inexorably over time toward co-existent systems that thrive.

The only non thriving organisms are those that find ways to self sabotage.  Human beings contest with one another to have more wealth, land, power, and so on, and these micro contests have enormous macro results on a global scale.

People, the most “highly evolved” as we are often said to be, are the only organisms on the planet that have such influence and take so little interest in using our influence wisely. This denial of our own abilities, appears to be a possible flaw in evolutionary drive.In other words we don't want to own our own power, and are often more comfortable living in denial, even blaming nature, or God's wrath, or sinners for what we do to our planet that injures ourselves.

What we are best at creating, does appear to be the ability to delude ourselves, and that certainly tests as a failure of evolution from the human perspective.

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