Evolution and how it Affects us

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"Evolution and how it Affects us"
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The theory of Evolution has without doubt affected the thinking of people in the past century and had a profound effect on the views of many. We have now reached a point where people who dispute the theory of evolution are considered simple-minded and gullible. The irony of course is that a great deal of gullibility is required to accept evolution. It is rightly called a theory because in reality there is no sound proof for many of the assertions made by those who adhere to the theory. My experience, having discussed this subject with numerous people is that there are an amazing number of people who claim to believe in evolution without knowing very much about it.

One reason for this is that many children are taught the theory at school, blindly accept it and continue to believe it without taking the time to question the assertions made. Because evolution is taught as a fact within school systems, children grow up believing something they have never fully questioned or researched. This is why many parents have questioned the curriculum within school systems that do not give children both sides of the issue, allowing them to make an informed choice. Giving children the facts as opposed to the theories would be one way to ensure they have a realistic view. Helping them to make a distinction between facts and theories would help them consider all the evidence and arrive at their own conclusions as they grow older.

Another effect of the theory of evolution is that it promotes a live for today attitude, different from the more philanthropic view demonstrated by those who have a religious viewpoint. Survival of the fittest is one the main tenets of evolution and this unfortunately encourages a selfish disposition in many people. People are definitely affected by the things they believe about their existing life and their future prospects. Though some would say belief in God is for simple-minded people, the evolution theory requires a person to dispense with sound reasoning in many instances.

One thing is for sure: The theory of evolution has destroyed a belief in God for many people. This has had a negative effect in many ways as people drift away, not just from a form of religion, but also from the standards and principles that are found in the bible. This has had an effect on people in general and to the point where we now find many who totally lack morals and standards. While it is also true that many religionists lack moral standards, when young ones are raised with no thought of adhering to a religious concept, they are more likely to drift into a way of thinking that focuses on self, often at the expense of others. Evolution has affected mankind in many ways but none more so in producing a society that has no long term future.

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