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What are you talking about Willis. Is evolution an outdated theory? Of course it's not. Sure the theory is still very controversial topic, but does that make it automatically "outdated". As a matter of fact, this theory is actually the exact opposite. I believe that evolution is actually in the infancy stage. During this stage that we are currently in, we are still ironing out some of the wrinkles, and for all we know it could change drastically. Honestly, we've only but scratched the surface of the abundance of questions that still have to do with evolution.

Now if you're saying that evolution is outdated, I think that you don't think that it's the truth. Many of the reasons why most people don't believe in evolution would be their religion. I think that this is the exact opposite of what should be happening honestly. The theory of evolution actually makes sense with many of the things in religion. I understand that the church is saying that you should have faith that everything will be OK and that you have to have faith with this and that, but you can have this and also have some concrete proof. One of the great examples is Noah's arc. If you have you have heard this passage then good, but if you haven't heard it, it says that there was a great flood, and Noah made a great boat to float 2 of ever animal until the flood subsided. Now if you put evolution into the picture, you get a lot less animals on the arc and then you have a possibility of this making sense. You have 2 dogs that then become poodles and chouser over time.

Another reason why people think that this is outdated is because how could we be descendants of monkey. Well using evolution we aren't really descendants of monkeys. In reality it's saying that we are descendants of a hybrid animal that was in between a monkey and a human. The two parts of this species where divided by some way and supposedly the one species became two and one was human and one was a monkey.

Now this evolution happened over time. As a matter of fact this is happening right now without us even realizing it. This is so slow that over a few generations no one really relizes it. As an example, have you ever lived with a person for a long time. Their features change so slowly that you never really relize unless if they get some drastic change like a hair cut, this is comparable to a genetic mutation in evolution. Over all those years you never really seems like they change but then you look back to a picture of 20 years ago you see drastic change. Although evolution doesn't change in 20 years, it comparable in 100s of years.

So in the question of weather or not evolution is outdated, I would say that it definitely not. Many people have many reasons to think it's not true, but I think there is enough to support evolution that it is a liable theory to learn about.

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