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Evidence that Human Beings can Change

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"Evidence that Human Beings can Change"
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Absoluty, yes, human beings can change the way they are at any age that they are.  They can do it by intention...intending to make a particular change.  When one person takes a look within the innermost self and recognizes an area in which they can become better or different in the way they live, make decisions, treat other people, their skill level, their knowledge level, or other aspect of who they are, they can determine to change. 

Evolution of human beings since the first of them walked upright on the earth has been constant change.  Scientists can observe the natural physiological changes but they cannot observe those inward looks by an individual.  Even so, scientists can observe evidence of the outcomes of those inward looks.  Today, scientists are still unable to do that, however, they can map and measure the changes that an individual decides to make.  Perhaps the simplest is measuring the weight loss of an obese person who looks within their innermost self after reading the scale and looking in the mirror; and, in response, they make a decision to change.  A marvelous example of this is the television SCFY channel program, "Ruby", in which Ruby makes new decisions each day to reach the goal to change her weight, appearance and her place in the world.  From her highest weight of 715 pounds to the 318 pounds shown on the scal today, Ruby has maintained her determination to reach the goal set for herself. 

Evidence in communities all over the world, that people can change the way they are can be found in meetings of Alcoholic Anonymous.  Each man or woman who walks into those meetings, sits down to listen to others who are there, has already made a decision to change.  Afteran alcoholic takes a personal heartfelt inventory of how alcohol affects the life they live, each can intend to change.  The stronger their intention, the sooner the change will come to them.  Their decision to participate in AA where they meet and hear the stories of other alcoholics, gets them moving in the right direction and their daily inward awareness of the change needed, leads to the desired change.

Whether it is by evolution or by intention, human beings have and will always change who they are.  As positive changes occur in one person, all of humanity becomes better.

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