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Events you don’t want to Miss at the 2007 Australian Science Festival

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"Events you don't want to Miss at the 2007 Australian Science Festival"
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This year's Australian Science Festival which is the 2007 Australian Science Festival will be held August 15th to the 19th at the Australian Institute of Sport, Leverrier, Crescent, Bruce. For the events, you should try to attend as many events as possible. At the website, they have the events listed as events for adults, events for children, and fringe events. Each event should be worth checking out.

One event is for adults is labeled as "Weather and Climate Chage: What Is Going On In the World?" If I was at this year's Australian Science Festival, I would certainly attend that event. The event is a talk that's covering this year's IPCC report on climate change and focus on the important work being carried out by colleges across the continent of Australia.

Being a victim of the 2004 hurricanes that ravaged most of Florida in the summer and fall, it would make me curious on what's going on in the world climate wise. There's also going to be an expert panel to take questions from students. I myself still being a student, I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to throw questions their way in regards to the world's current climate. It says that the cost is free to attend that event. That alone should be incentive to show up.

There's "Gobbledy Goop and Other Cool Science Magic" that aims for the "coolest" science on earth. It's basically to bedazzle kids with liquids and stones that glow in the dark, expanding mushrooms, etc. Anything to keep the kids curious about science. If you have children, definitely take them to this event. Not only does it sound fun, but your children will definitely learn something from this. The cost to get into this event is set at $3.

If I had kids, I'd take them to his science show at the festival called "Piratechniques 101" where we get to hear the truths of live at the high-sea. It's going to to combine science and silliness. It should prove to be education yet very entertaining for the kids.

From what I went through with the hurricanes of 04, I'd take my kids to "Wild Weather: What Happens When Nature Throws a Tantrum." The show is mainly a talk that goes in dept with severe weather events, how they are created, and the destruction they bring forth. It should prove educational and children can learn how to cope with such things. Being hit by a hurricane for the first time was very difficult for me to cope with. Let alone getting hit by 3 hurricanes in three months.

If I was still an elementary school kid, I'd definitely want to attend "Watch Out: Custard and Cotton Can Go Bang." It's basically blowing stuff up. That's something in common with boys of any ages. We're fascinated with blowing stuff up whether is a bug, a bottle, a cardboard box, etc.

Another event that catches my eye is "Dispel 'Dis Spell" which is supposed to put magic tricks to the test of science. I'm an avid fan of magic. I'd like to know whether the powers are mystical or is it just science. Because science and sorcery do give the same results but they're always at odds with each other.

There's also "Bad Science" where we get to learn how science can get easily confused with the supernatural. That should be an interesting event. It should dispel many of the world's myths.

The event is for four days. Basically, you should attend all four days and go to each event, workshop, show, etc. Hopefully you'll get something out of it at this year's Australian Science Festival. If I could, I'd attend the event out of curiosity and a love for the sciences. For children, it's definitely a good idea to introduce them to these various methods and talks of the sciences.

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