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It is true that both fog and smog kills living things. Fog kills living things when a fatal accident occurs as a result of those living things that do not see an approaching danger.

That much is also true, in regard to what might happen to those who are within a cloud of smog. Unlike fog, smog can and does kill living things that breathe it and/or suffer the effects of what is known as acid rain, due to the fact that smog contains much more than water vapor.

Besides water vapor, smog contains carbon based chemicals in the form of particles and gases which are, in turn, converted by the Sun into sulfuric acid with the help of the water vapor that is usually included within the smog cloud. When that acid filled water vapor condenses the, so called, acid rain erodes rocks, kills plant life and it can even kill the life within a lake and/or river.

If you have not already guessed, those carbon gasses and carbon particles enter the atmosphere by means of which is the burning of fossil fuels, the source mainly coming from fossil fuel powered factories and modes of transportation that burn some form of refined crude oil. So too, the burning of coal and high sulfur natural gas contributes greatly to the total amount of carbon within the atmosphere of our once life giving Earth.

Most, if not all, environmental scientists believe that the excessive carbon emissions caused by Humanity is the primary cause of global warming. Therefore, one does not have to breathe smog or be acid rained upon in order to be harmed from the effects of the carbon within the atmosphere. Indirectly, weather patterns are changed, more crop failures will occur and the expected rise of the levels of our oceans will make a whole lot of Real Estate useless.

From my point of view, it would be wise to sell such ocean front property now while it still has some value to others who are willing to risk the loss of their home, as well as risk the loss of their life, all for the opportunity to see beautiful sunrises or beautiful sunsets.

Then again, if you scuba dive, swim, fish or navigate upon the ocean you do not have to live in a potential danger zone. As well as being beautiful, our environment can also be a killer of Humanity and all of the other things that are alive.

Keep in mind that it is far better to be safe rather than to be sorry. Therefore, we must all become “green friendly” people, if we want our future generations to enjoy the sight of a beautiful sunrise and a beautiful sunset.

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