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Energy Saving Tips

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Energy Saving Tips

Turn off lights, fans, computers and other appliances when not in use
Switch to energy saving fluorescent or halogen bulbs
Do not overwork fridge
Place fridge and freezer in a cool spot and away from heat
Do not open fridge more than necessary and do not leave door open
Organize food in fridge to ensure good air circulation
Cool hot foods before putting into fridge
Allow adequate space between the fridge and the wall, so air can flow freely around the condenser coil
Iron clothes once per week for less than two hours
Unplug dryers when not in use
Reduce hours of a/c use
Keep windows and doors closed when a/c is on
Keep a/c free from leaves and other debris
Keep a/c filter clean
Use power strip to plug electronic equipment and turn off strip when not using equipment and when leaving home
Run heater 1/2 hour in the morning and 1/2 hour in the evening
Set heater thermostat to 120 F
Reduce number of hours of use for fans
Keep fans on low during the night
Learn to read your meter, its easy and you will know if your bill is accurate (check your electricity supplier for instructions)
Top freezers are more energy efficient than side by side models
Older refrigerators are less energy efficient than newer ones
The more heat on appliance generates, the more energy it uses
The faster a motor runs, the more power it uses
The louder you play your stereo, the more power it uses
Do not be afraid to turn off equipment or appliance. Switching on and off does no damage

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