Employee Unions the Challenges that Lie Ahead

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"Employee Unions the Challenges that Lie Ahead"
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Every person who doesn't join, weakens the Union and reduces the chances of getting a good deal at work for everyone.

USDAW (Union of Shop, Distribution and Allied Workers)

The challenges Unions face.


Employers trying to discourage workers from joining their trade union. This is a common problem in some workplaces as employers know that if they keep the membership down they will have less opposition to changes and workers will have less rights when it comes to disciplinary's and other work related issues.

This is a challenge for union reps to try and deal with when new staff are taken on. They first need to get to see the new staff. This can be hard because employers may not tell them when a new intake is happening, so they need to keep their ears and eyes open.

Once they get to meet the new employees they have then got to try and encourage them to join. Telling them all the benefits that come with union membership is a good place to start once you have introduced yourself and the union.

This can sometimes be met with.

'The law protects people at work, so I don't need to belong to a trade union.'

This may be true in part but the union will represent you on workplace issues, give you free advice including legal. They'll back you all the way. 

But I can get free legal advice and help without being in a union.

The union is your protection within the workplace they will take care of accident clams for you. You will not have to go looking for a no win no fee solicitor to take it on for you.

'I'll never need you'

That maybe the case but wouldn't you rather have the security of knowing that if you ever did need our help we would be there for you.

'I cannot afford to join' (This on is a hard on to tackle as yes union membership can be expensive)

It can be more expensive not joining if you lose your job. We can help you if you ever get brought up on a disciplinary.

Here's a leaflet and an application form with all the information including membership costs.

A union is only as strong as its membership. If membership declines then its power does to.

Unions face a tough time in the economic climate but they will always try to be there to help members who need them.

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