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Now this is something I am passionate about and have looked at from all angles. Its been about seven years since I first became aware, and rapidly involved with EFT. Have seen the ugly underbelly, with those who scoff and mock, which actually strengthens my conviction, besides those on other side of fence most definitely outweigh those of little faith. My aim here is to enlighten those who are perhaps unfamiliar with EFT and its amazing benefits. First , EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, which is exactly what it provides, along with countless other advantages. This phenomenal energy therapy is rooted in the more familiar techniques that have been around for thousands of years.  I am referring to accupuncture and accupressure, both of which offer relief for numerous afflictions, such as back pain, weightloss, allergies,  to quitting smoking. With EFT there is no need to see a specialist, as this is something we can do for ourselves, and I'd like to go into five areas of EFT that are paramount to its effectiveness.

As EFT is a very simple method of energy therapy, virtually anyone can do this, including small children. There is something called a set up statement that we say while tapping on whats known as the karate chop area of the hand. From there we proceed to inside of brow, then outside of brow, under the eye, center area just under nose, then crease of chin, collar bone area,and under the arm, about 4 inches down. Some also tap on top of head to complete sequence, however not always a necessity. Many will feel a shift, and most likely a few tingles. This is telling you its working.

To truly determine if we achieved any results, one must ask themselves if the issue that disturbed them prior to EFT is still equally upsetting when thinking about it, or if that particular matter has subsided. On a scale of 0 to 10, we can measure the results. An example might be that when we started, our level of upset was about a 9, and after a round of EFT, it was reduced to 2 or 3. Ideally we want a 0, as this would tell us there is no longer any emotional tie to whatever was bothering us. This is why it may take a few rounds of tapping, since our objective is to reach a zero. When we have hit the zero point, talking about the issue will feel more like we are telling a story from a third party perspective.

Seven or eight light taps per energy point should do the trick. This will send the necessary signals to where they need to go. After a rigorous session of EFT, you'll feel quite relaxed, and most likely notice very little will bother you. Since this technique provides an energy balance to our system, is easy to see why we would feel so calm from this experience.  EFT is something we should not shy away from, and in fact make it a daily practice, as this will overtime clear up many underlying, emotional negatives that many of us have carried around for years. Keep an open mind,  let this be your ally against the daily stresses we face everyday.

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