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Effect of Snow on Humans

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"Effect of Snow on Humans"
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Some people hate it and other people love it.  Are we talking about the highest grossing movie of the year?  No, something much more important then that, snow.  It is something that will hopefully be around forever but is something that human society has had to learn how to deal with.

 *Need It*

Snow is part of the water cycle that is necessary for the survival of humans.  Snow adds to the water cycle in three ways.  First, when it gets warmer and the snow starts to melt it is evaporated back into the air directly back into the cycle so that later it will fall again in the form of snow or rain.  Second, when it melts during the spring thaw it slowly travels to lower altitudes into lakes, creeks, and rivers down to where most humans live.  It also makes its way underground into aquifers where large groups of society now draw their water out of. 

With the spring run off increasing the water levels in the lakes and rivers, it increases the food supply for humans because of the increase in fish from spawning season in these bodies of water.  Lastly, when snow falls in most locations it falls directly where humans live or into bodies of water increasing the water supply that humans can use immediately, whether by drawing from a body of water or eating and melting the snow during the winter.

 *Hate It*

Although it is a needed by humans it is not loved by most.  It is nice during the holidays because it adds a touch of magic, but come about the middle of January people start praying for an early spring.  Snow means slick roads, car accidents, shoveling sidewalks so someone doesn’t slip and fall in front of your house and collapsed roofs from too much snow.  It also means more time indoors with stale air, increase in illnesses from the lack of fresh air, wet shoes from walking through the snow and missed work from roads being closed.  While we could continue on how snow makes life harder, the two lists provided gives enough of the idea.

 *Love It*

Another part of society loves it when that snow starts to fall.  Children love it because it means school getting closed on snow days, making snowmen and sledding.  City workers usually like it because of the overtime earned on the snow plows.  Tow truck drivers enjoy it due to the increase in clients needing their car towed from accidents or being stuck.  There are also those that enjoy going to the mountains and spending time on the ski slopes, snow shoeing and riding snow mobiles.

Snow not only has a direct effect on the survival of human society it also adds to the economic survival of humans.  The money that is made on outdoor activities that humans participate in add to the economy of areas that would not normally have income during the winter if it was not for the snow.  So whether you enjoy it or not snow is a required part of human society.

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