Ecosystem Recycling Garbage Green Recycling Protecting our Earth with Insects

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"Ecosystem Recycling Garbage Green Recycling Protecting our Earth with Insects"
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The Role of Insects

Insects are on the edge of leading technology as they spend their time breaking down debris, altering and eating waste products, creating intricate communities deep within their own little worlds of life. Often considered pests, challenged with chemicals and giants in their midst, insects don't reflect on their purpose, they just keep doing it.

Many of them gather in the garden, developing communities near food sources of their choice. They use team work to promote survival, and instinct to remain fit for the goals of the greater good. Leaders are born among them, as they carry out their lively tasks. It is certain they have defenses, often dangerous to those who might threaten them, but they only use them to survive.

What would the world be like without insects, after all? Could you imagine the overgrowth in your garden? Plants that don't break down as quickly, soil compacted, and limited production from less pollination would all be the obvious result. Not to mention survival of the fittest among the plants, vying for a more prominent position and status. Overgrowth would definitely come into play, and with it, more work for you, as you weed and thin the hardier plants for ascetic purposes.

What about the waste products in our world? Insects have a way of recycling even the vilest of substances, as they gather and reuse their finds, turning them into nutrients and food for the soil. Can you imagine the smell of a dump without insects breaking down all of life's discarded fuel? It's doubtful it would remain so contained without the help of insects to keep it confined, and break it down into usable compost. It seems the dump is a safe haven for insects, a veritable party that almost includes an engraved invitation for them to come and have fun.

Now there's an idea! Invite the insects to your own backyard, and let them work for you to reduce the rubbish you can't help but make. They'll come anyway, even if you don't set a place for them at your table. So why not give them their own area to enjoy? It's true, they won't be well versed in the etiquette of knowing their place, and you may find an ant or two attempting to nibble at your fresh baked chocolate cake from time to time.

However, by allowing them to set up their own ecosystem throughout your property, you'll discover the freedom of not relying on toxins to get rid of them. Soon other critters will join in the fun, opting to prevent the overrun of insects, having found a wonderful food source of their own. You'll be graced with more birds and lizards all willing to do their part, and happy to have found a tastier, less toxic food source, which is just another reason insects are important.

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