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Drought Wildfires and Water Conservation Issues Finding a Solution

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"Drought Wildfires and Water Conservation Issues Finding a Solution"
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Dear reader, if you do not already know, the environment in which we all live, Planet Earth, is rapidly changing for the worst. Yes, Mankind is destroying the only known place in the Universe that keeps us all healthy and alive.

The ozone layer is almost gone. The ice-caps at both poles are melting at an accelerated rate. Glaciers in Greenland and Alaska are also melting. Millions of square miles of forest land is burned up and/or burning. Many hurricanes, tornadoes, heavy rains and floods have destroyed entire towns and cities. Hundreds of billions of dollars were lost and thousands of people were displaced, injured or killed as a result of our ever increasing hostile environment.

Then again, there will be a major redistribution of the people within our Country when ocean levels rise four or more feet and subsequently flood every coastal town and city. Droughts will persist in places that once were lush and fertile. Food shortages will cause starvation, riots, civil war and/or even cause World War III.

The people of the World will see the biggest depression in recorded history, and eventually our modern society will no longer exist. That is the worst that one can expect if we do not take positive action to heal our environment.

Worst of all, it appears that the Politicians of the United States of America could care less about the environment or the majority of, "We People of the United States of America." Well, they certainly care about the economic health of those huge multinational oil companies. That is why we are fighting those, so called, terrorists while tens of thousands of the citizens of our Country are currently fleeing for their lives in California, due to yet another natural disaster.

In regard to water conservation, with or without more natural disasters, World population growth requires the use of more fresh water. Yes, there will come a time when sea water will have to be used. That means that more factories must be built in order to remove the salt from salt water. Believe it or not, the water level of Lake Superior fell nearly four feet within the last few years. I wonder, what next?

Clearly, the World's people better become "green friendly" in a big hurry, if we and our future generations expect to live a long and healthy life. We must decrease the use of fossil fuels and other chemicals that deplete the ozone layer as soon as possible.

So too, maybe we should build factories that can remove CO2 from the atmosphere and create ozone in order to rebuild our protective layer that prevents all kinds of UV rays from reaching the Earth's surface. Yes, there is a 1,000% increase of skin cancer cases within the last five years. We are killing ourselves.

Hydrogen, solar power, wind power and water power must become practical sources of energy for the World's people as soon as possible. Yes, that would reduce the use of oil and other fossil fuels by as much as 80%.

By the way, too many people are flying around in commercial jets for no good reason. One would think that, living in a time of instant communication, people would save their money and simply call their loved ones or business associates. Everyone must become green friendly if we expect to heal our Earth as soon as possible.

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