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Drought Wildfires and Water Conservation Issues Finding a Solution

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"Drought Wildfires and Water Conservation Issues Finding a Solution"
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A trans-continental border water barrier should be constructed with earthmover's, and locks, concrete and high tech polymers to create a vast salt-water evaporation and sailing channel from El Centro California to the Gulf of Mexico. The extra evaporation and collection from the salt-water in the desert sun can be piped to quench the thirsty.

The inelastic supply of ecology on the Earth butts heads with the insatiable and irresponsible demand encouraged by ignorant politicians. Californian again in 2008 has a roasting fire season and the Governor has been more concerned about advocacy for homosexual marriage than extinguishing the conditions leading to hire fire dangers.

As in the oil addiction conundrum with cycles of eternal price gouging, low mileage vehicles and short supply with parameters of increasing demand for product scarcity of resources is countered with demands for tossing conservation beneath the locomotive wheels of immediate economic inertia. 3rd world countries and starving people everywhere tend to sacrifice their long range interests in conservation of natural resources for short term quenching of the fires of need down below...American politicians should be leading the world to a renaissance of environmental health instead of jolting along from bounce to bounce along the rutted, potholed lane of bad public resource management policy designed to enrich global corporations. Within a universal ecology health care plan natural resources and high tech energy and transport systems would be insinuated within a rational environmental synthetic judgment valuing a health world ecofact. Wildfires and water conservation issues would become resolved well through optimal conservation in service to the long-range requirements for a healthy biosphere inclusive of human interests.

Preventing forest fires requires banning of off road vehicles from state and national forests, construction of effective Mexican border barriers, swift staged aerial fire dousing flights ready to douse start up fire, mandatory clearing around homes for fire break spacing, and better forest management practices that stabilize forest area and content into fire resistant status. Droughts are a part of southwest weather that will recur. Water conservation can be encouraged and transition to all-electric cars with home and business recharge solar panels can help create a more green and rational public environmental relationship.

The Mighty Governagger struck out in the California 2007 Wildfire prevention championship series. The Governagger lacked adequate fire prevention intentions for the 2007 California fire season not realizing that he wasn't in Austria anymore and without the unreality of total recall to help he seemed to expect a Mary Poppins FEMA to fly in in case of fire disaster to fight the flames with furies control umbrellas crashing upon the wind-force of Santa Anna along the Mexican border and egress northward. The Governagger forgot that only he can prevent forest fires.

Electric toilets such as the incinolet could replace water wasting sewage disposal technological infrastructure. More solar, wind and fuel cell power should be used in California. More Californians should marry instead of living together in sin and shower together thus saving water. A Pacific to Gulf of Mexico canal for small boats along the Mexican border should be built with 500 locks and water condensation evaporation collection lids placed now and then, here and there to create more fresh water for California, Arizona and New Mexico as well as halting illegal aliens a little with extra earth work berms alongside the canal. Solar power pumping stations would help the natural siphon of water to the top exploiting the difference in sea levels of the respective ponds. Solar power energy would replace that lost by extracting some of the water and letting it flow downhill in each direction.

The U.S.A. Today printed a map of the California fire locations this year and in that of the last year-the recurrent locations near population clusters with the broad expanse of the unpopulated sections of forest untouched was indicative of an arson problem. Like the Hurricane Katrina disaster Republican unconcern for disaster a priori was a substantive factor in the loss of billions of dollars of real property and thousands of homes. With the Bush era build the public deficit plan to prevent responsible taxation on transnational corporations adequate fire prevention upgrades in Southern California were improbable. Is human political reason so deficient that wildfires cannot be dampened down to better manageable levels a priori?

Adequate zoning changes might have promulgated enough clearing around houses to mitigate the access of flames to combustible elements of dwellings. The Governor's leadership was inadequate on that account, or on vacation in the alps of Idaho perhaps too much.

At the least the Governagger might have invented pigeon drop fireproof plopping emergency materials techniques to cover threatened homes with airborne fireproof glop, or at least had ground mobile delivered no-burn house covering foam or no-burn bags for homes produced from southern California materials technology laboratories. Treating the forest fire and public health disaster ensuing as an Oktoberfest of natural occurrence isn't an adequate governance of that portion of the nation-and the Republican just seek profits from disaster policy isn't an acceptable way to jump start the moribund housing market nor to prevent growing problems caused by illegal immigration to the United States.
Illegal immigration from Mexico swells the population of the American southwest radically. Instead of a stable population growth of a well educated English speaking society the south western states are inundated with millions of Spanish speaking, poorly educated undocumented aliens straining water and wild resources. Nothing can be done to substantively move the interstate public policy toward environmental conservation because of the preference of trans-national corporations that own the Presidency to degrade the quality of the U.S. electorate. The trouble with the corporatist conquest of American politics and broadcast media is that capitalism and the profit motive cannot replace democracy, national self-interest and environmental conservation-only displace them.

Naturally occurring droughts are a part of nature the planetary biota adapts too; what is conformable to natural ecosystem changes are gross human exploitation of natural resources indifferently based on abstract velocity of cash flow without regard to the depletion of resources. Some capitalists unfortunately believe that the profit motive invariable is moved by a hidden anthropomorphic deity that will guide and govern society while everyone does business. Adam Smith's invisible hand' concept was intended to describe the effects of market competition, supply and demand phenomena-not a way to avoid the work of rational government of society. Capitalism will not optimally govern national or local interests; instead it will adapt a posteriori to the way things are and supply what is in demand. If the south west encounters water shortages it will seek to sell more water or lever water from distant regions rather than analyze or correct the cause of the harm to the environment by human misuse of resources.

Capitalism must be controlled by a democracy that conserves its own political sovereignty. Trans-national corporations should run their own business instead of business and government. When corporatism annihilates democracy every public interest is sold out to increase corporate profits and the national democracy withers away as a neo-Marxian trans-nationalism surges to unify with the trans-national corporate CEO planning as a global tyranny...the American Southwest is just one casualty sprawling on.

Mass migration from Mexico increases population growth and depletion of already tight water resources such as the Colorado and Rio Grande rivers. The aquifers in west Texas are not only over used they are polluted. Good government would build an ecological border zone that would halt illegal immigration and create a green belt along the southern border naturally. Good government would invest in increasing the quality of life in Mexico simultaneously with spending the President's requested 183 billion dollar war budget for the present fiscal year. That money may help defense contractors, yet it also helps the enemies of the United States divert America from improvement of its national security. Without developing policy to support home-produced electrical power for electric cars the U.S.A. will chase after Iraqi oil even if it costs more than a half trillion dollars or more.

The usual atrophy of ecological conservation and egress of political away from conservation toward consumption will drive reasoning publicly such as 'more illegal aliens are needed for fire-fighters' or 'the Northwest has water let's build a pipeline here from it, or from Alaska. The city of Phoenix will rise from the ashes and will decide to cut back on watering their nine million lawns a little and some genius will finally persuade the federal government to borrow more from China to pave the streets with photon absorbing pseudo-gold that would charge electric cars and reflect solar heat back into the atmosphere increasing the local albedo (if it lasts for more than four hours its a good excuse not to go to work).

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