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The significance in being able to tap onto our spirituality, is to understand its underlying messages. These messages can convey thoughts,emotions,heart-felt wishes,desires and a path uniquely yours.  Our dreams can be viewed as our unconscious, which usually is referred to our soul. Our soul can come from a background long before us, and thus carry many memories that may not even be yours. Our souls stem from our ancestry, and being able to unlock our souls potential, can help us all understand our issues beyond the surface.

If we are able to listen to, but also understand our dreams, we can be on the road for a self healing prophecy. Through dreams, can be your state of mind from past baggage, or our body's way of dealing with its current stress, and messages from a higher spiritual force. (Especially for mediums whom may have undefined minds and undefined emotions through the accurate knowledge of the human design metric system) Dreams can have puns,symbolization terms,literal meanings or plain self desires. We owe it to dreams, that they try and help us understand our hectic lives or misunderstood dilemmas.

If I had a dream last night, which consisted of vampires sucking my blood or if I had a dream about me being in a paradise state of mind at a beach somewhere in Hawaii, how would I interpret these? I would definitely seek a dream dictionary and figure these messages out through symbolic terms. This is the pun version for understanding dreams. A vampire might represent how I am loosing energy. Perhaps the oasis in Hawaii displays how I need a break and crave relaxation. The ocean from Hawaii itself, can represent my emotions, depending on the color of the water. How powerful the waves are in the dream, also determines much significance in how I am feeling in my waking life.

If you are a medium, which we all have in a sense since we experience intuition, dreams can still be symbolic but they might act as a predictor. We may not have asked for this, and do not know how it works but sometimes dream visions can come true, beyond expectation, and it is up to us how we decide to use our strengths from these dreams.

Dreams in which you have absolutely no idea, what they mean or how to interpret them, can resemble possibly your past. The same lady keeps trying to tell you a secret, you keep seeing the same old house. These metaphors of the dream world, should be closely researched, simply because the fact that a soul can reincarnate these instances, are more then basic science and needs to be clearly researched upon to fully understand what they can mean.

The significance in dreams, are to help aid in your given life. They can answer questions, or tell you how you are feeling without you even realizing yourself. They can help our mental health overall, and how you choose to decode dreams are purely yours.

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