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Correct dream interpretation for an individual dreamer is always only completely possible for that dreamer. Real meaning will nearly always only come out from its hiding place behind the dreamers own life philosophies and beliefs, if the dreamer begins to start to examine their own life and beliefs and then when they then compare themselves as they are now, with who they are being within their dreams.

Therefore two or more people interpreting the same dream will nearly always give their own but usually different interpretations of it according to their own truths, beliefs and systems of thinking, such as held within their own religious philosophy, or by their own distinctive way of living and managing their own lives.

For one person the dream of death might be a depressing forecast for them of a literally interpreted future event happening to them, and for another it might mean it might actually be a positive sign that they are about to move through to a whole new stage of spiritual development in their lives.

The best way to demonstrate dream interpretation is just to give you an example from my one of my own dreams. Recording your dreams each morning certainly helps you to remember them, because it places you in a position where they are deemed important to you, and so you value them then. Your memory will do it's best to remember things that you value, because it is actually only there to help you all that it can. A tool like your memory after all only improves with continued application and usage.

Here's my dream:

I was dreaming that I was a prisoner in a sort of concentration type of camp or a prison. The camp was being patrolled by lots of guards in green Khaki uniforms, and wearing black leather laced up boots and carrying a black leather baton with a leather strap on it wrapped around their wrists. There are lots of prisoners here and lots of guards.

A man called, " The Stapler" as his nickname has died recently. He was one of the prisoners who had really earned his own nickname from the "duty" that he had been assigned to perform. They the guards want to appoint another prisoner into this role as the new stapler. They choose me. The stapler position has status, and carries favour with and receives better treatment by and from all of the guards.

The Stapler's role however is to punish the other prisoners for their minor misdemeanours. He punishes them by putting a staple into their hands or arms from his stapler machine that he always carries around with him. That's why he's called, "the Stapler". In my dream I don't want to take on and perform this job, as all the other prisoners really despise and hate this cruel and mean unfeeling person, and fellow prisoner. They would kill him themselves as quickly as they ever got a chance to do so.

Someone, one of the other prisoners takes me aside in the outside court yard and suggests to me that I pretend that I am sick. They always take good care of "the Stapler," and they treat him well, and so they will get an ambulance quickly to take me to the hospital and from there maybe I can make good my escape, or so he tells me.

This was always only done so that he could go on performing his gruesome tasks in his horrible, but protected and well rewarded role. I performed this little charade then, by pretending that I was ill, and so I am then taken in an ambulance to a hospital, but I woke up then, and so I didn't know what happened next, or even what was going to happen.

My dream was left annoyingly uncompleted. It was not until quite a few nights later that I got my answers about how this dream actually ended for me.

How did my dream about the stapler really end? What does any form of death mean in a dream?

This dream was created for me to show me an example of the embracing of death from a prisoner point of view and while I am also being imprisoned. Wherever you are a death takes place for you in the same way. A death in a dream like the stapler's death here is meaning that a life of corruption leads to an afterlife of pain.

For me here, this dream then was continued a few nights later and I was now shown that I had really left this environment of the prison camp as I had thought I had in the first part of the dream. Only now the dream finished by me finding myself reemployed in a different area still involving life and death situations. I was then enmeshed into a corrupt area of hospitality within a large hospital, where I was an orderly for several years, before I was again hunted down by this prison, and reimprisoned there once more again, only to then take my own life to finally get away from this hostile and hated environment.

What could this slightly macabre dream mean for me? How could I even begin to interpret a dream such as this?

"The Stapler" position role is the role of one of the lords of Karma. His role is to ascertain and distribute the Karma according to the Karmic Law. The role can indeed seem cruel and macabre, but it is a necessary role to enable people to reap what they sow from their own deeds.

The concentration camp represents my life here on Earth. The guards are of course the system of law and order, a correcting agent within society. They are the aspects of our cultural connection that pushes and controls individuals to fit in and conform with the society norms. The norms are brought into existence from a consensus of guards or officials and rulers. The run of the mill citizen usually have very little say in this, except to feel the brunt of their sometimes ruthless application. As such they are also almost a sort of prisoner trapped by their own people, and the creation of their own systems of social justices.

The other point to be made here is that the Master is also a fellow prisoner in the camp, or so it seems as he lives amongst us all. I couldn't even identify him properly, but he was the one to appear and to offer me advice about my situation.

This master, and whom we can call our higher self, or sometimes even we can identify them as God, is always available to help us and to offer suggestions for us to enable us not to take on unnecessary extra karma.

"The Stapler," role is to be one involving the punishing of others through utilising my ego and so I would of course be only creating extra karma with the other prisoners and with the guards. I had realised this maybe only unconsciously in my dream, and so I didn't want to take on this particular role. In my dream the Master in the guise of a fellow prisoner helps me to escape from this role and to move myself to a safer environment.

I woke up then as I realised I had escaped this karmatic role and that I can also escape this prison camp and that I can serve life from a more hospitable environment when following the master's advice, and by not creating extra karma in my life like this.

Now this interpretation of mine is largely based on my philosophy of life incorporating a believe in Karma, the Law of Karma and even the Lords of Karma all really existing to administer the law. Also I am a member of a philosophy which has a master who has supposedly got the power to appear in our dreams and to assist and to help us by doing so.

Dreams and their interpretation are considered a valuable part and factor in my philosophy and they are valued and taken seriously in order to see the wisdom and insights that they bring to us. We can even burn off some of our own Karma in our dreams, if we learn the lesson that is trying to be shown to us now, without the need of further reinforcement, out there on the physical plane of existence. All this is part of the teachings of my religion.

And so you can see that my interpretation is heavily coloured by my own beliefs and philosophy. That is how it should be because this is the only way that I myself would be able to interpret them, and after all I am the one who dreamed it and I am the one who needs to benefit most from it.

What I am trying to say here is that your dreams are dreamed by you in the own language of your own beliefs and philosophy, and so that this is a vital consideration for you when you try to analyse your own dreams. If you tell them to someone else in order for them to interpret them for you, they might give you a completely wrong and distorted interpretation or idea, and they might just lead you astray, unless they know you very well and can tailor the interpretation to match exactly what they know of you.

Some people are indeed gifted at being able to do this, but the best interpreter of your own dreams will always remain yourself.

What is the greatest secret to being able to understand our own dreams? I read somewhere that we should always see ourselves as the hero and main character in all of our dreams. This helps us to get the perspective and to know that the dream is specifically being tailored only for us as we are now, and that we always have the ability now to interpret it because the dream has come from out of who we are now and is only ever showing us to ourselves.

Self understanding, and knowing yourself better in your waking life will also always lead to you understanding your dream life better too.

Dreams all have meaning. It is up to us to find them with all the help that we have available to us to be able to do so. Dream dictionaries can be a general pointer to a generalised meaning, but to get a specific meaning for your own particular dream symbols and your own personal mythology built into yourself, you need to greet yourself with yourself.

This means to get to know the way that you think. Do you think from an abstract way, or from a feeling way? Is your method of working out thinks by mathematically analysing symbols, or do you look for the bigger picture instead? Do you look at the specifics of the letters and words first, or do your look at the overall bigger picture first in order to construct a more generalised meaning, before digging down into the meaning within the meaning.

The way to remember dreams is to start wanting to remember them. You do this by valuing them and by starting to record them into a journal. The way to interpret your dreams is to build up a self knowledge of yourself both from your daily life and your dream life, and so in the end you will see yourself more clearly being displayed in your dreams, and you will see the greater meaning that the higher part of you is putting in there for your living self to see and to help you practically to live your life.

Remember it is you that are living your life while here on the Earth, not your higher self. You are an out posted prisoner in a way sent there to learn your role and to bring the experiences of your higher self into a realised wisdom by living from them in a real and a conscious way rather than the knowledge just being known from a largely unlived and unconscious stockpile of lifeless knowledge. Only by living do we turn this knowledge into a living truth and then into a wisdom pool of love for our higher self to also be able to bathe in as well as ourselves. We really are all in this together.

We are an aspect of the higher self within God. But to be an individual finitely created life force we are created as a physical being. This being operates from its own attached mind and ego, with input being available from its own soul. The soul often withdrawers however, to allow the lower form of itself to gain real experiences on its own and to feel the pain of separation from not loving itself enough.

Only not loving blocks the soul from getting through in this way. Seeing ourselves kindly in our dreams and loving ourselves at all times is another key to retaining the intuitional knowledge of our soul. This knowledge coming from our higher self is really the best way and method to help us to interpret our own dreams. We can only ever know ourselves from ourselves.

All of this came from my initial interpretation of the first part of my dream, but what did the second part mean, did it negate some of these ideas that I had about interpreting the first part?

My death was showing me that karma can never be run away from or escaped from and must be played out and recompensed for in every life. Every death in a dream signifies a death of some karma, and brings about a great shift in your consciousness bringing it to a new and higher level, and increasing your perspective awareness of how karma operates and how death is often thought to end it all. Death in the end however is only just a final lesson in this particular life to help you see the consequences of karma and negativity on your life, and in your life, and to help you live better the next time around.

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