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"Does Psychology Work Failure not Worth it a Scam"
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Does Psychology Work?

Everyone always wonders or tells tall tales about the effects of seeing a "therapist", but what good are such visits actually doing the common man? Psychology, or the study of the human mind in the attempt to understand thoughts and behavior, is not a problem in theory. However, in practice it has proved ineffective and stressful, time and time again. Often enough, patients will grantee those of you who have a heart that psychology is an extremely upsetting experience both for teenagers and adults.

The first point in this is that the practice of psychology is hardly a precise art, if one can even call it an art. There are a great number of problems with the attempt to measure anything within the realms of psychology. (The Encyclopedia of Britannica, Psychological Test and Measurement.) Accepting that as fact, one must conclude that psychology is all a basic test of trail and error, or the commonly called "spaghetti-wall" tests. The problem with such a thing is that the human mind is unpredictable and often may appear unmotivated or unexplainable. Clearly it has been admitted as a complex science.

Another point, especially now, is that psychology isn't to be trusted. First off, trusting your child (or yourself as it may be) with anyone you don't know very is risky. However, there are a great number of higher risks outside of norm. After all, just being in the same room as the psychologist will made anxious and unhappy. "Your heart pounds, your hands sweat, your face gets flushed, your stomach does flip-flops" (Alica Fleming, What to do when you don't know what to say.) Can anyone honestly say that when you experience these odd flow of emotions and adrenalin, that you are feeling perfectly safe?

Finally, the last point of this essay is that the true point of psychology is in its treatment. This wouldn't be a problem if said treatment was commonly effective, but it is not. Most people often feel more lost if anything after a visit to their psychologist. "Despite my own personal [therapy], which was ineffective and annoying to the point of foolishness, my therapist gave me no actual solution or cure to my supposed disease' and ended up actually needing care herself." (Chris Boyer, The Effects of Teenage Psychology?) Clearly this annoyance of a science proves not only to be ineffective, but a great discomfort to its subjects.

So, in closure (or lack thereof), psychology may promise help to those willing to wonder into its power. However, it is incapable to of delivering good on that promise. Psychology is an experimental art, with ineffective treatment that doesn't even comfort the patient. Why is the plus-side to things here? Psychology is an illness that infected our generation in the attempt to make a quick buck in the name of science, and it succeeded.

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