Do you believe that Aliens have already Visited our Planet

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"Do you believe that Aliens have already Visited our Planet"
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Are There Aliens On Our World

The initial answer to that question is either yes or no. For the no crowd when asked the above, in majority of instances their negative response is immediately followed by statements such as " well now that I think of it there was that time years ago when we..." or " having said that, my father told me of something that happened to him....".

It soon becomes clear that the answer to this question is not so clear cut. If we are to be honest all of us have been exposed to something out of the ordinary. Be it ghosts, aliens, unidentified flying objects or just the plain old deja vu and dreams.

We all dream and most of us have experienced deja vu occasionally. Even though both of these events lack conclusive scientific explanation we casually talk about them under the pretense of complete comprehension. They are accepted as ordinary events in our daily life despite our inability to explain how and why deja vu and dreams occur. On the other hand UFOs, aliens, ghosts and other unexplained events are viewed with skepticism and those claiming such experiences are ridiculed.

In view of our inconsistent and contradictory beliefs are we ready to hear the truth? Would we recognize it if we saw it? To see the truth we must learn to view our world with different eyes.

Relics left by civilizations before ours surround us and speak to us. Mostly we don't listen and stumble around in darkness limited by our ignorance.

The pyramids of Egypt are one such relic. We have no idea who built the pyramids let alone how and why. Our view of the world we live in is contaminated by half truths and ignorance. Theories that are clearly outdated and are incompatible with new discoveries are being sold to us as truth. That kind of ignorance is prominent world wide.

How can we expect to answer the alien question honestly and with an open mind with such obstacles in place?

To know the truth we must reach beyond the comfortable, beyond fear of the unknown and we must look for answers beyond our limited way of thinking. We will not find answers while indulging in ignorant slumber. Removing the shackles that keep us enslaved in ignorance and fear is a priority.

Despite the establishment scientists are stepping out of the box and looking for the truth. Pioneers such as Stephen Hawking are opening doors to possibilities that were unimaginable to the average person fifty years ago. With this knew knowledge and understanding of our world, stories about aliens, time travel, black holes and reality shifts are becoming harder to dismiss as fantasy.

We must look beyond our governments and the mainstream media for the truth. Our best source of information comes from the men and women in our communities the majority of whom have a story to tell. Individuals who live their lives out of the spot light and usually don't want to talk about their experiences will tell their story when they feel safe. Others however will never divulge what they know. There is good reason for that.

Whitley Strieber author of Communion and Shirley MacLaine, actress and author of many books bravely shared their encounters with us. Their reality however is not acceptable to most of us. Sharing their extraordinary experiences with the world was courageous but in speaking their truth they risked their reputations and endured extreme ridicule.

There are lots of crazy people in the world and just as many crazy tales. Even more reason to take notice of all the stories. The truth can be hidden within the unbelievable. Not every story is crazy no matter how strange it sounds.

Not so long ago an experiment was carried out where human beings and a ship physically disappeared and than reappeared. The Philadelphia Experiment was considered to be a crazy story. Today we know this to be real and well documented as are all of Nikola Tesla's works. No fiction there.

If human beings could manage a Philadelphia Experiment what are other lifeforms capable of?

In order to answer that, we must acknowledge that there is life beyond our planet. Earth is but a speck within the universe yet we persist with the notion that we are the only intelligence out there. Considering how little we know to assume that no other lifeforms exist let alone visits our world is arrogant to say the least.

We live like rats in a maze. While we run around in circles in a frenzy that we call life we keep missing the exit. Most of us don't even know there is an exit let alone life beyond the maze.

Are we being visited by aliens? Probably not. There is no need for them to visit. They are already living here we are just to busy to notice.

Can't be, I hear you say?

Why not? Who on earth would notice? Not me, I am to busy watching reality television.

It is impossible to see the bigger picture when arrogance and ignorance are rampant on our planet.

Because of our arrogance beings from other worlds are able to come and go undetected. They are here and probably have been here since the beginning of time. For all we know they are the creators of the human race.

And if that is the case and we are being governed by aliens how would we even recognize that? I suspect most of us would rather ignore that possibility.

Are we being kept so busy surviving in order not to notice who is running our world? What was that I hear you say? You don't want to know.

That would be a huge mistake. Everything is not always as it seems. You may not even be who you are. Some of your best friends could be Aliens.

Is it time for humanity to exit the maze? Are we ready to learn the truth?

Don't be to hasty in your answer. Before you say 'yes' and open the cage door you must be certain you are ready. If you can see the exit be warned. Life is not the same this side of the maze. Once you know the truth you can never go back.

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