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Time Machines do exist. When nights light up the Star Machines of Cosmic Time, we become just a number, that if we kept adding zeros to the 1, we would run out of space. Time out there is Infinite.

We ourselves are human Time Machines, when we see how long it takes to walk a distance. This becomes measured as, Time = Distance.

The invention of a clock, took the shape of many faces, becoming a ticking Time Machine, and little machines called watches, are worn to keep check when on the move.

When the planet became portioned off into longitude, a Time Line measured nautical distance. Again, Time = Distance. This became days with dates, measured over Time. Because of Distance = Time - and our Solar Time Machine, the Sun - some people are still in yesterday's time, while others are in today's Earth's Time. What we all revolve around.

An explosion of Time propelled folk into what we now call the Space Age, accelerating technology into inventing the machine called the Internet. These machines, generate communication between one another at the close to the speed of Light in Time measurement.

But in Outer Space, 1,000 years could be as one Earth Day. Imagine, instead of jumping into machines which takes one through different Time Zones, either by road or air, none could even travel 1,000 years, before more than 10 generations passed.

An amazing Time = Distance - can be transversed in a Space Time Machine in a Light Craft. At the speed of Light, 300,000 kilometers [186,500 m.] per second would be just a blink. NASA is working on this, so they must believe it possible, or they would not try to reach for the stars.

It is only one's non-ability to create this machine for lack of knowledge, yet. Still piggy-backing rockets to even get into that Outer Space, to be there in person. Technology still lacks speed to get straight off the ground; the Specific Speed required for a Time Machine to get there and back, in time.

So let the Light Craft lend a helping hand.

We need something that is easy to maneuver. It must at least travel at 6 x Earth's Given Time. So just imagine for every six days man would take to travel, that in space, it would take one day for the same distance.

Lets make that a little easier, by saying, that this Distance is then derived from the Given Speed of Earth days that man would take to travel in 6 days, by traveling in 24 hours of Time non stop around the clock. Now break this down to an understanding of Speed = Time at, Low Speed.

The figure 6, will give some idea that even NASA's Space Technologies for the New Millennium are called ST6. They may even gain direction via their Stellar Compass from this.


At only 100 km. [62 +- m.] per hour. X 24 = 2,400 km. [1,500 +- m ] per Earth Day, X 6 = 4,400 km. [ 2,700 + - m.] per Space Day.

This is the Given Unit, the Sum Total of Given Distance in Time, in 'One Unit'.

Transversed in 24 Hours of Earth's Given Time = 14,400 km. [1,500 +-m.] at only 100 km. [ 62 +- m.] per hour!  That, is quite a distance for that low speed. Can you get a glimpse from this Space-Time-Distance-Speed dimension?

The Circumference at the Earth's Equator is +- 40,075 km. [ 29,252 +- m.]

Still at this low Specific Speed in Time this would measure just over 2 and a half times round the world in 24 hours at only 100 km. [62 +- m.] per hour!

In fact, consider this in Light.

Distance = Time to Transverse
Speed = Energy required to Transverse.
Lets keep it brief to not get too complicated by simply saying 1 year - being 1 Solar Day = 1 Revolution of Time.

One Solar Day = 1 Revolution of Time. [ ie. Earth's Time.] The time it takes for the earth to go round the sun is 1 year.

This is the Given Specific Speed, which remains unaltered with Time within our Solar System. The Energy utilized is Light. The Distance Transversed in One Day of Space Given Time.

Universal Law allows this Energy as a Force to be utilized for travel. Remember, Outer Space is both cold and dark. Dark or Black Light Energies - either side of the Visible Spectrum - are as pregnant as Light.

These Energies, due to the Electromagnetic Force, repel [or propel.] As the Light Craft travels through this, it forces the Dark Energies/Light aside which encapsulates it in a Vacuum, keeping it safe. Yet closes in behind it, which is the catalyst to travel at double the speed of light!

This Craft also has a Positive and a Negative Pole. Knowing this Force, is to know it's constructive and destructive Elements. To be earthed, is the triple or the tri-force. Just like an electric plug. When each one of us is earthed safely - using this term - this is utilizing all in the Light. One could say the analogy of being earthed is a Gravitational Lock, being a physical body's safety-net. No floating weightlessness in our Time Machine!

What has been explained is the Radius of Time Travel as given only within that of one's own Given Field. That is, in Earth's Solar System. Further than that one requires - just as do pilots and astronauts do - their Wings.

Time-Space Wings require more briefing of these Specifics. More understanding and knowledge is mandatory to look further into all facts. Space also, just as pollution in Earth's own Atmospherics, is stunting the real ability to even get off the ground in a Time Machine, with physical beings who could live to tell of a return trip from Earth to Mars and back while we still live. Our Earth is webbed in junk.

Real Space-Time travel beyond requires a greater respect for one's own home planet first, by not leaving any behind to die also, or taking a warring nature into the Cosmos. This mistake was long ago learned, in History's Time. This leaves one to see for one's self, even the human mind's own Specifics.

Just as a human being is their own machine which vibrates and oscillates, their vibrations must be raised to a level of Absolute Humanitarian, to see in the Light and Speed given here for Time Travel.

In a eye blink of time see the workings of a Light Craft. A Time Machine can unzip Outer Space, and disappear in a flash, without any sonic boom.

Not everything which rides the sky-ways is a weather balloon, or... or... or... Or why would NASA be trying to copy a Light Craft? They are just another name for Time Machine!

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