Do Organisms always Evolve into more Complex Forms – Yes

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"Do Organisms always Evolve into more Complex Forms - Yes"
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Evolution, it can be seen through most if not all of the plant and animal species that have been around through out the millennia and even through archeology. Religion states that God created the heavens and the Earth but what it doesn't state is how he or she went about creating them.

When you think about it creation is the process of creating something essentially from nothing but a blank sheet where as evolution can be the same process due to nothingness evolving into something but realistically in the sense of evolution versus creation, evolution can only happen after creation.

Even if you are a creation theorist, what you come to learn about the world around you especially when it comes to man made objects is that there is a distinct difference between creation and evolution. If you look at the creation of a man made object or tool in most instances, people after creating it if it is able to be designed better, it will be redesigned to better do the job that it was meant to do.

With religious text each religion states that God took so many days to create the Heavens and the Earth, what most if not all of the religious text does not state is what was Gods concept of a day or how he or she actually created the Heavens and the Earth. God as we under stand him or her is in a completely different plain of existence than we are at this period.

Most people believe that you have to believe in one or the other and that neither are compatible, but in reality they are interconnected on many levels for which some of the we are incapable of comprehending with our current understanding of math and science. What the bible does is give us is a history lesson for which stories are told about how smart the people in the bible were when these stories were happening.

The bible does show that people were smart enough to manipulate each other and to manipulate the physical world around them especially the farm animals. Since manipulation can be considered a form of evolution, there is at least one instance in the Old Testament, where a man wanted to marry someone and the woman's father used manipulation to get what he wanted from the guy and also gave the guy some sheep and a little bit of land.

The guy was able to pick his sheep and over time he realized the healthiest sheep would go out of their way to eat from certain types of bushes and plants. He eventually got the healthiest sheep to go over to his land to breed with his sheep leaving the sickly sheep to breed on the father's land which ended causing problems for the woman's father and they guy winning out.

If the bible shows that people were smart enough to figure out the physical world around them many millennia ago, and God was smart enough to create the Heavens and the Earth, what is preventing him from having made his creations better in the ways he knows how to do so?

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