Do Organisms always Evolve into more Complex Forms – No

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"Do Organisms always Evolve into more Complex Forms - No"
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The hyper vocabulary usage of the no side of the debate on the organisms ALWAYS EVOLVING INTO COMPLEX FORMS; KEEP UP THOUGH YOU ALREADY KNOW "remember quantity in relevance the "need" of that inter-dependence,the, depending on one and others. The "need", the in deeds, that, that is in need, as the fittest seeking out. To say sacred gestures, and the lack of the will to enforce desperate measures without decomposing into lacking a matter of fact, the support that's available to the dependent ,who would in-turn rather "labeled", independent; to support value we may have silent cries, to know that together brought community together. The love at first sight, the love we need, the fight for life, the non-violent sacrifice, the being CHRIST like,GOD like mentality instilled through scripture'

okay, so adding,"inter-eruption of the relapse dynamic;1.Helped being received,a lack there of. 2.not being able to implement strategies for a positive outcome.3.the knowing the how or what to do's to change the lack there of:new associates, and a change of environments.3.to distinguish the mid-evil good, and opposing the modern ills(badness).

5.A change in desire to co-exist with relatively hard to help member's as it is hard to have one to also co-exist. Deciding, on the what to doe's - gravel placed in - cement, around about tree's, sealed, conglomerating to construct living, and other ethical, reliable surrounding - wood trunk's. Grinned wood( "hum") some paper, making it today in the wood's - chip resourceful- decor of home and garden.

organisms-comparative,the level of existence paper to have some peace's (pieces)with the thought at these levels -comparative to the extent of assessing the discoveries of sociological imagination of psychological, and political studies, and development of societies; resourcefulness full of resources; remember; An examination of a family, to the comparative assessment of the national budgets that of "world nations".

:Remote transformations.

:Intimate features of the human-self with relations to the two.

So to value to say, "h'm" in preparation for song, full of body, physic's in the mix- new, involved saying remote; descriptive as a measure - stop embargo's, traveling alot, there is alot of land, and so many miles, and the countries; population it is in accordance with supporting agriculturally ways, and means, of support learning is from P.h.D to community we do not stop from having ego's, momentum, and together as neighbors not segregationist.

Offering a chance to reside a while, under payments, rentals, partial pays! what is to say "Regeneration" Stay, and cash returned.

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