Do i need a Psychiatrist what is Mental Illness what is Psychology and Psychiatry Ecopsychology

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"Do i need a Psychiatrist what is Mental Illness what is Psychology and Psychiatry Ecopsychology"
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It seems the whole world needs a shrink, since the whole world shrank.  Usually though, there are alternatives to a medical doctor. 

The primary difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist ,is that a psychiatrist is based on old time Freudian principles; they give prescriptions for drugs, and are caught up in the whole health insurance mess.  A psychologist has learned all about Freud, and everyone else since, may  tell you that you may need medicine AND/or talk, cognitive, or behavioral therapy, and does not usually depend upon health insurance.  There are many different kinds of psychologists with several remarkable approaches.  They are as varied, and as individual, as complaints are.  Some will offer you a tissue and a good cry. Some will direct you immediately  to a psychiatrist.

Many people like the quick fix of pills.  Many others, see the potential trap of a lifetime dependency on controlled medications that cost thousands over the long run, may continue to increase in numbers, and do not often “cure” the core problem which is usually disconnection from supportive family love.

Ecopsychologists believe a large part of our human dilemma is that we are separated from the creative, loving, and supportive beauty and calm of the natural world in which we evolved.  Radically, the Ecopsychologist thinks that your mind does not exist in a vacuum and that you depend upon air, water, and soil, trees, plants and animals, as well has supportive humans to thrive in mental, emotional, and physical health. We believe not only in the field of psychology, but also in all fields from Astronomy to Zoology.

Needless, to say, many of us think Ecopsycholgy is the ONLY true psychology.

Of course there is no one size fits all.  Chemical unbalances are real, and brain disease does exist.  We have come a long way since exorcism and trepanation to release demons was the only solid advice. Never mind that this continues to work effectively in many in other parts of the shrunk planet where witch doctors and herbalists DO in fact make a great difference.

The difference may be due to the extra human support and interaction, but without a controlled study we will likely never know for sure.  It is likely, those without traffic, smog, crowds, confinement, and alienation,( despite the World Wide Web,) factor in our modern discontents.

Being outdoors does benefit the mentally ill and the healthy too.  Being with supportive life; be it animal, vegetable, or human, is always prescribed by thoughtful therapists.

The important thing to take with you is the thought that you should play an important role in all decisions governing what happens to you. Let’s face it, we are a global community now and most people simply choose to depend upon drugs.  Drugs are everywhere, as are drug profits, both legal and illegal.  You will not benefit from feeling guilty about depending upon drugs, so don’t attach blame of any kind to your issues. Blame and shame, are a uniquely human animal invention.

It is worth thinking about however, that our internal illness is reflected in our external connections and disconnections to the living world.  Only confined, tormented and trapped animals, including humans, suffer from “insanity, garbage and war” That is something to think, but not brood about, or you may find yourself with a shrink sooner than you planned.

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