Do Genetics Determine Human Intelligence

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"Do Genetics Determine Human Intelligence"
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Alright forget the scientific jargon and get to the practicality of the matter. Really, a smart gene that will actually allow some people to be genetically predisposed to high intelligence levels. I know, I know, you say What about the studies for the HAR1F gene? or smart gene. Well let's talk about the research behind this gene for intelligence. Most of the research behind genetic studies consists of test tubes and family historical data. Testing consists of questions, answers, situation assessment and memory. Sure these kinds of test can help prove many things but not past or present situations concerning the genetic proof needed to confirm an intelligence gene.

Intelligence is a collection of other abilities put to use to maintain a level of understanding, conceptualization, and analyzing of data. Ultimately there is really no way to find out an individual's intelligence level without living and studying every decision made within a lifetime. Surprisingly, most information or speculation about a smart gene is just speculation. Genetic proof is limited to physical attributes (yes a small pelvis or high blood pressure are caused by physical attributes). For example, proving a genetic predisposed mental process like thinking or understanding is laughable. This is like saying you see an apple a certain way and that way are decided by the people that birthed you. If this scares you then surprise; it would scare anyone to think that you are basically not an individual at all.

The truth is I give kudos to those that study these types of possibilities on effort alone but the facts are we have more control to affect our own intellectual level than genetics. What genetics can do is possibly forecast an individual's capacity to learn or process information. When I say capacity I only mean how the capacity analyzes and stores information not how much information or accuracy. Simply put, you are as smart as you want to be and some people have easier time processing information than others due to genes. Tons of verifiable and compelling intelligence studies focus on more tangible variables. Some of the factors include parenting, accessible education, learning techniques, community, etc Not only do these components make more sense when doing intelligence level studies they are more practical. Think about it, if genes really did determine intelligence, people would get tested to see how smart they could be. Imagine the disappointment or lack of determination to become better if you knew your intelligence potential was lower than your life expectations or goals. Do genes determine intelligence? No. the individual determines intelligence.

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