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Are UFOs a hoax? Let me clarify that question.  UFO's are unidentified flying objects, they exist, and are witnessed by millions of people, if it appears to be flying and you cannot identify it, its a UFO.  But the popular definiton is that UFOs are alien spacecraft, visiters from outer space, which is what I believe this argument is about, and what I will discuss.         

Number one, witnessing  any event is not proof, it's evidence. Its has been shown many times that eyewitness testimoney is woefully unreliable, and alone, does not automatically lead to a conviction.   Just because you see something that looks strange up in the sky, where is the evidence, notwithstanding proof,  it's  from out of this world and being piloted by space aliens?

Is this all a hoax? Well yes and no, I think there are  people who sincerly believe in UFOs, and have caputured them on film or witnessed a truely strange occurrences. But lets face it, THERE'S MONEY TO BE MADE HERE! Just ask the folks at Roswell, New Mexico, or contact their tourism bureau. Plus there are numerous books you can buy detailing every aspect of the UFO phenomena. There are lots of photograghs, eyewitness  testimony, alleged government cover ups, and conspiracy theories. You name it, you buy it, literally and figuratively. Look up the number of websites under UFOs and consider the hits they get, especially if they have proof, CHA-CHING!

But again, is it all a hoax? No, that would require a really grand conpiracy rivaling the Kennedy assasinations and fake moon landing combined. I believe that there is intelligent life within our vast universe and would find it extremely facinating if we made contact with them. I too have seen mysterious lights and seen photos of unexplainable objects in the sky. But I take a rational approach to identifying them. Once I was on my back porch trying, (unsuccessfully) to observe Haley's comet, then I spotted a red/blue flashing light hovering in the distance, it didnt move much, I thought  it was a helicopter. Later I realized I was looking at the star Sirius. Sirius, is a very bright star, and like other bright celestial objects (planets) seem to flicker different colors, red/blue, when close to the horizon. I did not automatically assume it was an UFO, which seems to be common. I have seen other lights, but attribute them to satellites, meteors, and the like. It helps If one has some knowledge of astromony. That being said, I would like to point out that astromoners usually have a dearth of information regarding UFOs because they have a trained approach to identifying celestial phenomena.

After Sifting through a lot of the ufology, there is'nt a shred of  verifiable scientific evidence that earth is, or ever has been visited by intelligent beings from another planet. I for one, along with many reputable scientist, in the fields ranging from astronomy to physics, would love to discover that such an earth shattering event is true. But the waters to discovery have been muddied by hoaxers, conspiracy theorist, and just plain bad science. The truth is out there, I can't prove UFOs don't exist, but then again, I can't prove fairies or  leprechauns don't either.

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