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Is it impossible to divide by zero?  My answer plainly... No.  Let's start with the painfully obvious zero is divisible by itself. Thank you very much and enjoy the show and now for something completely different. Seriously, can we divide zero by a number and get an actual answer? George Berkeley described dividing by zero as a fallacy but I am willing to give real world examples of how this is possible for argumentative sake. Zero. The black hole. It isn't negative but it isn't positive.

Maybe it is best described through a three dimensional entity. Think of a three dimensional zero with an x,y, and z index and then think the spatial plane around the zero. Now let's grab an item... It can be the number one or one item and throw it into the middle hole of the zero. It doesn't matter which way you write the equation (1/0==0/1). The middle hole creates an erasure that strips the item of it's physical properties, descriptions, and all that once existed before it entered the middle. Now picture a bag of forty-two items of something and throw it into the middle of the zero or (1)42/0 = 0/42(1). What happens? Well once again it is stripped of all its properties, descriptions, and everything inside the bag becomes nothing. Imagine looking on the other side of the spatial plane and seeing the result of nothing. We know the items in the bag once existed but all the items thrown into the middle of the zero have transferred to zero.

Here is an example of reality, existence of man and time. Let's say an epidemic or virus hits humanity creating havoc and killing the human immune system changing reality or [reality = humanity (virus) divided by zero (time)]. In this proposed example human reality is equal to humanity times the virus divided by zero time. It doesn't matter which way you write that statement the outcome will be the same and reality will not exist for humanity on the earth in this proposed instance.

Which leads me to my final reasoning for choosing 'no' in this debate, antimatter. With the discovery of antimatter we've discovered that within nothing exists something. Zero can be divided by a number or unit and it changes the properties of the unit or object. The object is represented at the moment of the equation by the spatial existence it once occurred and represents the potential for a new object to exist. Thus space-time value-unit is based on the creation and the existence of each class and object. Yes, any number can be divided by zero and the outcome is lumped into a tidy whole or hole. Once again the distributive properties are x/0=0/x creating the existence of a spatial object and the potential of something to exist or an object that once existed.

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