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With the announcement that 57 separate alien species have now been catalogued in a variety of secret government operations over the last several decades, clearly we are not alone in the Universe.

Although humans have always looked to the sky with hearts and minds open to see more than merely stars, it is in the years since World War II that we have had both the interest and the technology to detect and recognize these visitors from beyond. Radar, perfected during the last days of the war, has vastly expanded our ability to detect incursions into our atmosphere, and the military, the first beneficiaries of this new and powerful technology, have clearly been best placed to accumulate evidence of the existence of life beyond our atmosphere. As our own stealth technology has improved, our ability to penetrate other stealthing techniques has also advanced rapidly.

While authorities have frequently and consistently denied the existence of extraterrestrial visitors, as evidence mounted it became more and more difficult to refute the idea that humanity was not alone in the Universe. By 2001, over 20 credible witnesses including representatives of the military, scientific experts, and other government sources were unable to continue in silence, and stepped forward in the Disclosure Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to discovering and bringing to light the truth about non-terrestrial life.

By far the most astonishing revelation of the conference was how very similar most species appeared to be to humans. Apparently, intelligent species tend to be bipedal and bilaterally symmetrical, although the details of height, skin tone and appearance vary greatly. Obviously, those species both similar to, and able to visit Earth are those most likely to show an interest in human development, and so it is not surprising that so many commonalities have been found between us and our visitors. Those visitors who are most like us are also those most likely to be able to both teach, and learn from our experiences.

Although many have ascribed sinister motives to the aura of secrecy surrounding UFO activity, it is clear in most cases that members of the military, government agents, representatives and employees are motivated primarily by an interest in safeguarding the public, as they honestly believe that most of the population is not prepared to accept the idea of extremely advanced alien visitors. For those who are open and prepared to accept the existence of alien life, a whole new world of information, openness and a sense of exploration is now available as more and more individuals with personal experience of UFO's are unable to remain silent and step forward to share their experiences. Obviously, there is a great deal more to learn as society at large grapples with the challenges and opportunities of non-terrestrial life.

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