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Dirty Public Restrooms

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If you're anything like me, public toilet seats gross you out. The mere thought of sitting on a public toilet seat makes me want to hold my full bladder until I get home. This isn't always a healthy idea when traveling away from home. So, I've come up with a few tricks to avoid germs from dirty public toilet seats that can help to keep your tush safe from bacteria and ease some of that obsessive compulsive fear of public places.

Bring antibacterial wipes in your purse.  Carrying antibacterial wipes can greatly reduce your chances of coming in contact with bacteria and germs, since many kill up to 99% of germs on surfaces. Simply pull out an antibacterial wipe from your purse and wipe down the entire public toilet seat cover till clean.  Dry with a clean piece of toilet paper and you can feel relaxed sitting down to do your duty.

Grab some paper towels as you come into the public restroom. Fold the paper towels, long way, in half and set down a sheet on each side of the public toilet. Be sure to hold the pieces as you sit down upon them. This way, there is a barrier between you and the dirty public toilet seat and less fear of getting germs from the restroom on your rear.

Lay down a few pieces of toilet paper onto the dirty public toilet seat. While paper towels are thicker and work better to stay in place on the toilet seat, toilet paper can also be used to form a barrier between you and the dirty toilet. Simply hold down the pieces of toilet paper and sit your tush on the seat. You'll feel much better knowing you have something in the middle of you and the dirty toilet seat.

Carry antibacterial spray with you.  Antibacterial spray can be used anywhere you want a clean surface for your body to touch. Simply squirt a few drops of antibacterial spray onto the dirty public toilet seat and wipe dry with a paper towel or toilet paper before sitting down. You'll have a much cleaner surface to lay your butt upon and feel more comfortable knowing you've shooed away germs.

Have Lysol Disinfecting Spray on hand. Lysol Disinfecting Spray can be used to clean the dirty public toilet seat before you sit down. Simply spray the toilet seat and wipe dry with paper towels. What's nice about Lysol Disinfecting Spray is that it now comes in a convenient purse size to take with you anywhere and kills 99.5% of all germs and bacteria.

Purchase handy toilet seat covers to carry with you. Toilet seat covers are great for providing a good barrier between you and the dirty public toilet seat. While they are big and a bit bulky, you can fold them and fit them into your purse for easy access next time you're confronted with a dirty public restroom. Toilet seat covers can be bought right online and are similar to the ones that many restaurants or other public areas have available (though not all do). See resource list below for online links to purchase toilet seat covers.






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