Dinosaurs and Mankind co Existed the Bible says so

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"Dinosaurs and Mankind co Existed the Bible says so"
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Centuries ago, scientists began doubting the Creation account as written in the book of Genesis. Fossils and countless layers of sediment pointed to an old earth, so they said. Dinosaur bones found in certain layers of sediment told the story; these terrible lizards went extinct sixty five million years ago, a theory disregarding the teaching of Genesis chapters one and two. Today, people swallow the theory of evolution hook, line and sinker, ignoring its theoretical status. In so doing, countless dinosaur myths thrive today.

Myth #1: Dinosaurs Died Out Millions of Years Ago

Dinosaurs were created about 6,000 years ago on day six of God's creative week. All land animals; including dinosaurs lived in perfect harmony. According to the book of Genesis, all living, breathing creatures were vegetarian.

Myth #2: Dinosaurs Went Extinct Long Before Man Lived

According to Genesis, the land animals and Adam and Eve were created on Day Six of Creation. The Garden of Eden was created as a heaven on earth. God called His Creation "very good." No sickness, pain, fear or death existed in the very beginning. Those maladies entered the world as a curse upon man's disobedience. When sinned entered the garden, the world changed forever. Only then would Adam and Eve had any reason to be afraid of the dinosaurs or of any other animal.

Myth #3: Noah's Ark Could Not Contain the Large Dinosaurs

It is true that some dinosaurs were quite large. The Sauropods probably shook the ground as they lumbered through their habitat. However, the average size of a dinosaur was that of a sheep and many were as small as chickens. When God sent the dinosaurs to Noah, He would not have sent those that were fully grown, but young dinosaurs, strong enough to survive in a world radically transformed by a global catastrophe and young enough to reproduce.

Concerning the ark, many children's books portray Noah's boat as a teetering over-sized bathtub with giraffes poking their long necks through brick chimneys. The ark was actually quite large and stable with plenty of storage capacity. In fact, Noah's ark could hold as much cargo as 522 railroad stock cars, plenty of room for Noah, his family, and two of each kind of land animal, including the dinosaurs.

Myth #4: There are No Proofs that Man and Dinosaur Co-Existed

In the Book of Job, chapters 40 and 41, two creatures are described, the Behemoth and the Leviathan. Either animal could possibly be a dinosaur or a "pre-historic" animal as classified by evolutionary science. Study Bibles comment that these animals are possibly a hippopotamus, elephant or maybe a crocodile. In careful reading, we find that the Behemoth is the "chief of the ways of God." This literally means that it is the largest of land creatures that He created. We know from the fossil record that dinosaurs are the largest land animals ever to roam the earth. Job was a post-flood eyewitness to a dinosaur's greatness.

Even those who believe that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago agree that the crocodile has lived even longer. According to evolutionary scientists the body design of a saltwater crocodile has remained the same for 240 million years. This means in their estimation, crocodiles lived before dinosaurs, with dinosaurs and still cruise waters and swamps the era of man. So, it is quite possible that dinosaurs still exist today. There are still areas of the world, such as the Congo and the Amazon, which man has not fully explored.

When a person embraces a "millions of years" philosophy dinosaurs are a real mystery. When one embraces the Genesis account then there's no mystery at all. During Creation Week, God created the dinosaurs. After sin entered the world, violence and death reared their ugly heads. Animals started eating each other. After the flood of Noah's day, God then gave humanity permission to consume meat as well. If dinosaurs are completely extinct, those creatures died out in the same varied ways that other animals have gone extinct throughout history. Many animal kinds have gone extinct just within the last 200 years.

The myth is really not about dinosaurs, but about millions of years. Adam and Eve were asked by a wily serpent, "Did God really say...?" Since that time, mankind has questioned the authority of God's Word. The origins of the world is not a scientific matter to question, it's a matter of history. The only place to find a true account of this world's history is in the Book written by the One who spoke it all into existence about 6,000 years ago.

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