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It is quite safe to believe that some dinosaurs died as a result of old age. You can also believe that some dinosaurs were eaten by other dinosaurs or some such predators. No doubt, some dinosaurs got sick and that is what killed them. So too, the eggs of some dinosaurs never hatched or they too were eaten and/or broken before they had a chance to see the light of day.

Be that as it may, we all know that very few of the creatures of prehistoric times still are alive and well today. That is, the future generations of those animals that lived during the "Age of Reptiles." That is, the time between 240 million years ago and 65 million years ago.

Then again, new information has been added to the fossil record during the last 100 years that brings to light a few other reasons why most dinosaurs are now extinct. One theory claims that a huge meteor or a comet struck the Earth. The resulting explosion and the millions of tons of dust and rocks that were thrown into the atmosphere blocked the light of the Sun for many years, causing the plants to die which caused the remaining dinosaurs to starve to death.

The next theory claims that the dinosaurs could not adapt to a changing climate, in that when the several land masses migrated toward to either of the poles of the Earth the temperature on each of those land masses got a whole lot cooler. Since dinosaurs are cold-blooded reptiles they simply died from the cold.

That much makes the following theory more believable. According to Dr. Frank Paladino, chairman of the biology department at Purdue University, TSD could also be a reason why the dinosaurs became extinct. TSD is his theory of temperature dependent sex determination that appears to be true for today's reptiles.

In other words, during the incubation period for the eggs, if the temperature is 86F degrees or less only males will be hatched. If the incubation period temperature is 93F or above, only females will be hatched.

You see, you need both sexes to reproduce the next generation. Ergo, a temperature between 86F and 93F will produce both males and females, causing the next generation to be created by those recently hatched members of both sexes. If both sexes are not available you better believe that the particular dinosaur, being a reptile, will most likely become extinct within those areas where both sexes cannot be hatched.

So now you know why the learned naturalists and paleontologists believe how most of those dinosaurs that lived on the Earth those millions of years ago vanished from the face of the Earth. Then again, it seems that the life of any dinosaur was truly a hard life.

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