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According to the fossil record and the fossil remains found so far it appears that the most ferocious dinosaur was the Tyrannosaurs-rex. In English the name translates to "King of the Terrible Lizards." The size of that dinosaur is enough to strike faer into the heart of the most avid hunter of such animals. That is, if the reptile was still alive.

The largest Tyrannosaurs-rex found to date was found in South Dakota in 1990 by paleontologist Susan Hendrickson. That Theropod class reptile of the Saurischian order of dinosaurs is about 40 feet long and it is the most complete example of a Tyrannosaurs-rex that has so far been found. The estimated age of its fossilized remains is 65 million years old. That happens to be about the time when most known dinosaurs became extinct.

As luck would have it that particular dinosaur is female and was given the name Sue, for the person who found the reptile. In 1997 its fossilized remains was purchased for 8.4 million dollars by the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois.

For a carnivore that large each of us Human Beings would not be more than a tasty snack. Then again, like most Theropods this dinosaur walked on two legs. Further evidence within the fossil record suggests that this dinosaur was able to run quite fast for short periods of time, adding more proof that it was or could be a very ferocious creature.

So too, it has recently been suggested that T-rex dinosaurs also took care of their young, as it has also been suggested that other dinosaur Theropods, known as Raptors, might have done for their young. However, there is no evidence that T-rex dinosaurs hunted in packs.

Then again, it has also been suggested that T-rex was a lone hunter who would even eat its own kind. T-rex Sue's fossilized remains also suggests that it was injured more than once as perhaps being part of a mating ritual with other T-rex dinosaurs during some time within its life.

Believe it or not, some scientists are trying to clone such dinosaurs. Why in the World would they want to bring to life a terrible lizard like that? The truth of the matter is that a whole lot of money could be made for doing just that, even if the creature only lived for a few days.

I suppose that it could eat other animals. That is, until the creature got so big as to consume several thousands of dollars worth of meat each day and bankrupt its owner and keeper. You see, it is also believed that a T-rex type Theropod dinosaur just ate and made more of its kind for as long as it lived.

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