Difference between Love and Romantic Love

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"Difference between Love and Romantic Love"
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In my short life i have been asked on several occasions, "How can you love me, but not be in love with me?". The answer to this much like countless other questions is not nearly as complicated as most people make it out to be. It also applys to many different situations of love. From family love to loving your long time ex girlfriend/boyfriend. My veiws and opinions of romantic love and love completly contradict the opinion that males and females cannot have a platonic friendship.

When your in a romatic relationship with a person, your love is very different from that of your friends. You express your love in a sexual manner that you do not towards your friends. You might joke with your friends about sex or things of that manner, but if its truly only a friendship, then non of it is ment to be taken seriously. Romantic love is more of a feeling and a calling I guess you could say. Love is more of you just like being around the person because you have a good time.

However, there are many examples of the different loves being the same. In all situations you care how the other feels, what they think, and how your actions effect them. Even fighting is handled the same in most situations. If its a minor fight and your both angry with each other you just kinda let it go after a while. Romantic or not. If it's a serious fight then usually both partys go thier seperate ways. Although, most of the time in my experience a love relationship is more likely to heal from a major fight than a romantic one is. The difference in the two in words and a logical sense is very slim. The sexual actions are all that seperates them. In a sense of pure emotion the two are very different. The emotional side of romantic love versus love is inexplainable, at least by me. If you can explain it be my guest.

When you love a friend its the same as loving a family member. If friendship is all that your interested in. In many cases of male and female friendships one of the two often have romantic intentions towards the other one. Plantonic relationships however do exist. I promise. Generally, in a friendship you sc towards that person as if you were related. Which is far different from a romanic one. I doubt youd passionatly kiss your brother or sister, at least I hope not. You could even compare friend love to love for an animal.

All in all, there is a very fine line between romantic love and love. In the plain observational view only the sexual actions make the differnce. The emotional is to hard to explain with words. Everyone can tell the difference though. You can just feel it. Even if you didn't know two people and you saw them at the mall you could tell if they where friends or a couple, at least I can. More or less the difference is in the emotional attachment and feeling.

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