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Sigmund Freud's dream buffet fed a long list of disciples in his early years. But later at one of his last suppers Alfred Adler decided to skip the meal. While still claiming to be an insufferable admirer of Freud's psychoanalysis therapies. He broke ranks with Freud's "super ego" asserting exterior factors could trigger the psychology of man just as much as the interior dynamics.

Freud felt Adler was being contrary and ignored his theories as off base. Adler then began to see the inferiority complex as a catalyst for low self esteem which could lead to poor health via poor mental health. The holistic attitude of mind body contexts did not sit well with Freud's quasi-political ideals.

Freud felt his dream analysis to be the greatest contribution to the field of psychology in his times. Hidden story's in dreams he alleged were the secrets to human subjectivity in general. His findings, however were often considered un-testable therefore not reasonable. However, the recent discovery of neurons and isolated nerve cells and neuro-pathways had catapulted modern thinking among several loyal followers.

Freud you must remember had a severe set-back with his own health. His use of cocaine, his oral cancer and depression lays a heavy burden on the alleged genius of the man. However his discovery of how the conscience and repressed thoughts plays into mental health still stands strong today. For instance the so called Freudian slip of tongue as a measure to ones real intent. Oddly though Freud often stated he wouldn't read anything by Nietzsche though some of his philosophies later in life are very similar to Nietzshe's ideas. For instance the claim that one has a death drive or an inate desire for death as well as life. Nietzsche who gave serious pause to Adler.

Personally it seems the manifestation of spirituality and regard that Adler often touted in his writings became off putting to Freud. Much as it had towards Jung and his mystical ideals.

Adler was a meek man often led by his social interest in the good will of men. He spoke often about the aggression drive which was fueled by gluttony, and sexual appetite. The nature of mans mental state he suggested was truly a wrap-around situation that drives the man. What makes him click. Which sent shockwaves through old Freud.

Who believed our behaviors come from thoughts either subconscious or conscious, not need. This and Adlers philosophy that man should be looked at as a holistic being rather than parts which was the foundation of Freud's early ideas, (the ego, super ego and id.)

Adler was clearly a new train of thought that did have a fairly brisk following but still many of Freud's theories, like the development of personality stems from childhood experiences and the way the mind organizes information is still a viable theory today.

Adler's theories on the other hand stem from following Freud's earlier philosophies and then some.

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