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No, dinosaurs did not evolve into birds. The idea that a dinosaur turned into a bird or that a fish sprouted legs and started walking is based on the unscientific idea that similarity equal ancestry. Archeopteryx is one example of an alleged transitional species. That is until scientists determined that it was 100% bird and 0% dinosaur.

Evolution requires more faith than facts and imagination instead of intellect, yet it has survived for nearly 150 years because most people haven't bothered to look below the surface. When you examine evolution in isolation, without trying to inject any other theories, evolution collapses like a house of cards. Here's why:

1. It's not scientific. Unlike chemistry and physics, evolution is based on unproven conjecture and weak reasoning. There is nothing scientific about saying that reptile scales turned into flight-worthy feathers unless you can show how this engineering took place.

2. It's agenda driven. Unlike most sciences, evolution is pushed as a way to legitimize atheism and do away with the concept of God. Furthermore, early evolutionists pioneered the field of eugenics which eventually turned into the Holocaust. Hitler wanted to make survival of the fittest happen and he used the gas chambers to try and exterminate those he deemed unfit.

3. It is mathematically impossible. The idea of a blob of single-celled primordial ooze magically morphing into a modern man is statistically impossible. Yet, this is what evolutionists want us to believe. There is a better chance of being struck by lighting while being attacked by a shark.

4. It is adaptation, not evolution. This may be one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to clearing the air about evolution. Adaptation happens all the time, but evolution does not. What's the difference? Evolution means that one species is turning into another, such as primordial ooze turning into a human. Adaptation means that a species changes, within itself, to survive. Darwin was successful in showing adaptation when he recorded the changes of the finch beaks, over successive generations, on the Galapagos Islands.

5. It is genetically impossible. Parent organisms reproduce near identical copies of themselves in their children. They pass their precise genetic information, which dictates how the children will develop over their lives. This is why you can see similarities between parents and their biological children. Genetic drift, copying errors and mutations do nothing to improve the organism, regardless of how many trillions of generations have passed. Humans reproduce humans just as cats reproduce cats.

For more information, check out my book Why Evolution is a Fraud: a Secular and Common-Sense Deconstruction, available at http://www.evofraud.com.

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