Modern of depiction of satan in the likeness of a goat with horns and goatee.

Devils Breath Drug Erases Free will and Memory

Modern of depiction of satan in the likeness of a goat with horns and goatee.
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"Devils Breath Drug Erases Free will and Memory"
Caption: Modern of depiction of satan in the likeness of a goat with horns and goatee.
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One of the most dangerous drugs in the world that destroys free will, warps memory, and kills, may soon be coming to a street corner near you.

Currently, alarmed health experts and drug enforcement officials are expressing concern that "Devil's Breath," (the street name for the drug), is wending its way into the hands of multinational drug cartels and may soon be manufactured and sold outside of Colombia. That South American country is where the drug first emerged. As of this writing, only Colombians are being exposed to Devil's Breath.

To the best knowledge of worried officials, no one takes the drug voluntarily. Instead the drug is being used to attack people, turn them into zombies devoid of will, and make them susceptible to whatever commands their criminal masters bark out.

Experts say the drug is developed from the native Borrachero tree. After careful refining and processing the chemical scopolamine is derived producing a dry substance as fine as talcum powder. Pharmacologists identify the final form of the drug as hyoscine and it produces memory loss similar to the powerful pharmaceutical diazepam.

The qualities of the tree are well-known and the name is derived from a native phrase that translates into "the tree that makes you drunk."

How insidious is the drug? A dealer in Bogota, Colombia familiar with the Devil's Breath told the Daily Mail that the ease in which the drug can be used on a victim "is frightening." A victim has it blown into their face and within minutes they are under the influence of the drug. The dealer claimed it's as powerful as cocaine and worse than anthrax.

Since the drug is tasteless and odor-free, it can also be added to beverages and food. The effects swiftly overcome the hapless victim.

Some victims of the drug have reported to police that they were told to empty their bank accounts and hand over the money to a stranger who compelled them to rob themselves. The victims did so unhesitatingly and performed the acts with robot-like servitude.

The drug has long been known and has a history of use stretching into antiquity. According to historic records, once an ancient Colombian chieftain died his consorts and mistresses were drugged with Devil's Breath and ordered into the chief's grave to be buried alive. It was believed their spirits would accompany him into the next world.

Horrifyingly, the young women—sometimes girls barely in their early teens—complied without hesitation, lying docile in the freshly dug burial pit calmly awaiting their living entombment.

According to the Daily Mail, "In modern times, the CIA used the drug as part of Cold War interrogations, with the hope of using it like a truth serum." The CIA is also known to have experimented heavily with other mind-altering chemicals such as lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).

And like LSD, the Devil's Breath can cause intense and terrifying hallucinations. A high dosage causes death.

The drug is gaining popularity among criminals across Colombia. Primarily it's being used to rob people of their money and possessions, but authorities claim it can be used as a powerful date-rape drug leaving the victim with no knowledge of the rape.

It may also be used to turn a victim into a human automaton set on a path to kill another victim…one chosen by the new "master."

A full video report on the drug has been made available by VICE and is available here.

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