Denying Smokers and the Obese Medical help – Yes

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"Denying Smokers and the Obese Medical help - Yes"
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Yes. Absolutely. Think about it, you're a healthy, fit person, who has happened to have the misfortune of a heart attack, or other heart problem that requires surgery. You have to wait because someone who has done this to themselves is going first. They've gorged on fatty food and blamed it on 'genetics' which is very rarely ever linked to actually being the main cause of obesity. Or they've smoked, clogging up their arteries with a disgusting amount of chemicals and poisons that was bound to kill them in some way or another. Both things done by choice.

Choice plays a big part in your physical fitness and health, it affects your mental health too. So when you choose to ruin your body with smoking cigarettes or cigars, or just indulge in one or two of the seven deadly sins, greed and gluttony, think of the serious health ramifications you are inflicting on yourself. Why should you deserve serious surgery, when chances are you're going to go straight back and ruin yourself once again.

Doctors and Surgeons should have the rights to completely deny any kind of medical help to smokers and over wieght people who do, by choice, damage thier bodies. The sheer amount of toxins in foods, and especially in cigarettes cannot be ignored. I'm not condemming all foods, however, junk foods especially do contain a stupidly high amount of sugars, and preservatives, along with many, many other chemicals that does you little good compared with healthier options.

Faced with a person who tries to be healthy, non smoker, not a drinker, eats sensibly, against someone who smokes, drinks and eats till the cows come home and most likely will want to eat them too, who, really, do you think the Doctors and Surgeons will want to choose for major surgery. One who will more likely look after their hospital given injury, or one who will go straight back to eating high fat, high sugar and generally chemical infested foods. Or even ones who will just smoke themselves senseless, flooding their systems with high poisons.

Why should a smoker, or someone who is obese really be given medical help if they inflict such things upon themselves? Honestly, a fit and healthy person does not wish upon themselves a major coronary. I will agree that neither does a smoker or someone who is obese, but the huge difference between the two is that one actively keeps themselves healthy, the other doesn't look after them self at all. There is a choice, and those who abuse themselves should stand up to the consequences.

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