Degree Programs and on Site Volunteer Opportunities in Archaeology

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"Degree Programs and on Site Volunteer Opportunities in Archaeology"
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When choosing an archeology program there are two important things to consider. First, will the program cover the area(s) of archeology that interest you, remember archeology is a vast field and different schools will often offer different sub branches of archeology based off of their location. The second thing to consider is to look at the requirements and make sure that they offering plenty of hands on experience. There are some programs out there that do not require field school, or hands on lab experience. Those programs should be avoided, if you do not gain the practical experience necessary than your capacity as a working archaeologist will be severely hindered.

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse offers a very complete education in many aspects of archeology with an emphasis upon the local Native American archeology. The Texas A&M University offers a degree in nautical archeology. The University of Minnesota has a very good program, which focuses more upon classical and near eastern archeology. The University of Chicago and Stanford University are very good and very well established programs in archeology. Some other programs to look at are: Wesleyan, UNCG, Cornell, the College of Wooster, Yale, Harvard, Boston University, Ohio State University, Bryn Mawr, Brown University, American University, Florida State, John Hopkins University, Berkley, University of Hawai'i, University of Montana. The best way to look for programs is just to get out on the Internet and see what pops up. If it is possible it is a good idea to go visit the program, and try to feel out if that is a good program for you or not.

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