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Definitions of the Behavior that indicates Sociopathic Tendencies

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"Definitions of the Behavior that indicates Sociopathic Tendencies"
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Sociopaths-are they crazy and sick? Yes and no. But, these types of people love to sugarcoat and overimpress people with their tricks of the trade. Sugary sweet, here's the scary part: they are not around you to befriend, defend, or love. They are around to DEVOUR and DEVALUE in order to feed into the evil that they are in. Hurting others the way that they have supposedly been hurt.

The top ten traits of a sociopath really complete the physiological, mental, and psychological makeup. Details really bring out who he or she really is...even if you are blind to see it at the moment.

1. Superficial Charm-Smiles in your face at the first encounter. Usually would brag about how pretty, friendly, cute, or smart you are; sweet talks and sing-songs pet names. Underneath, you learn later on, is a sick mind ready to play devilish games.

2. Grandiose Self-Worth-Basically common ego inflation. They think they can have it all and can't tell them anything. Not gaining much, but losing morals.

3. Need for Stimulation-Most sociopathics usually have low-self esteem; but passive-aggressive. Is the whiz at knee-jerk anecdotes and tall tales (see Pathological Lying, #4). Covers up insecurities by being overconfident and overly expresses needing to show someone off. Adds to self-absorbency.

4. Pathological Lying-Very common in a sociopath; similar to #3. Telling one lie after another to cover up the lie that he or she told before shows to the world how he or she mastered the art of conning (see Conning and Manipulation) without taking a course. This so-called "art" is basis to balloon promises (big, but full of hot air).

5. Conning and Manipulation-Goes hand-in-hand with pathological lying to make up for their lack of knowledge or ambition. They take advantage of other people's successes, affections, emotions, and/or money to surpass that lack instead of getting their own thing started.

6. Lack of Remorse and/or Guilt-Don't expect an apology from this sucker. What's done is done, and there's nothing you can do to change that. They mean to con and scam people to get the victory. The victim's feelings may be hurt, and he or she may not be expected to defend oneself. Constant criticism, intimidation, and the administering of cruel and unnecessary punishment is perceived to them as a healing wound-insult added to injury is a thrill that sociopaths (as well as psychopaths) do not mind seeking. They will do it again and again and again until these jerks are regenerated into demons of the devil incarnate.

7. Shallow Effect-Most sociopaths only care more about looks, (book) smarts, money, and material things. There's no internal, deeper, whole-hearted integrity emphasized on both parts (inability on either). Corny pick-up lines may pick up the gullible and the naive.

8. Callousness/Lack of Empathy-A higher degree of #6, the victim's feelings are hurt, but no one is there to show sympathy or empathy. Your feelings are not important to a sociopath. He or she looks at it as if you don't do what they want or if you are not what he or she is looking for, then it's over, and one doesn't empathize with people they don't care for. The catch is in some cases, people like that may say that they feel what you feel, but the emotions are not there.

9. Parasitic Lifestyle-A continuation of #7. Sociopaths may use you up as a supplier-of money, food, sex, anything other than friendship, love, collaboration and respect. You may give all you can; but don't expect anything back.

10. Poor Behavioral Controls-No matter where the sociopath is or who he is around, he will act out at no cost... If he acts that way around anyone, he will act that way around you.

In conclusion, the sociopath is out on a mission to seek victims and destroy their will to live in order to make up for what is missing without their own effort-morally and legally. Some may not have enough sense to step aside (this may happen in workplaces as well) and let a fellow or novice employee do the job it was intended to do. Jealousy and/or possessiveness is evenly clear. In other words, the devil is busy, so watch your surroundings! No matter what the situation, no matter what words are spat in your face, you are worth more than wasted time and tears! Please value yourself and do take these experiences to make a deeper journey!

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