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Definitions of the Behavior that indicates Sociopathic Tendencies

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"Definitions of the Behavior that indicates Sociopathic Tendencies"
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I had never thought I would come across a sociopath. So far, sociopaths tend to be rare in the world. In my case, never really thought I would actually come across one. A few years back, I had learned to psycho-analyze people through the words they use. A social psychology professor had taught me how to do so. I never really thought I would have to use that skill again until several months ago.

Back in fall of 2007, I had opened up a role-playing board, which is a role-playing game in the form of a message board. Unfortunately, this one problematic person joined my board. I knew him from two other role-playing boards. I knew him to be a direct cause on why several boards ended up getting damaged in the process such as brainwashed staff members, brainwashed members, loss of membership, and the decline of board activity. I solved all the problems. But, this member managed to cause a ton of problems for me and the rest of my staff members.

I had to take the initiative and do research on that specific member. I talked to people with grudges with the member. I had looked on the other boards to see what damage he had caused. As a result, I got to know more about this member. However, I was not willing to jump to the conclusion that was a sociopath.
I wanted to gather more information first.

There were a few websites that I came across that provide the criteria for diagnosing a sociopath.
However, most of us will meet at between one and three criteria at least. But to be a sociopath one needs to meet most of the criteria if not all.
When I cross-referenced the member's actions and behavior with the criteria, I saw that the member met all of them. It concerned me a whole lot.

Is he manipulative and conning?

The answer would be "yes."
He manipulated the workings and "loopholes" of my board for his own self-benefit. Instead of addressing faults in the board with the staff members, he exploited them for his own self-gain. He just wanted to "win" at all costs.

On top of that, he managed to manipulate and brainwash several of my members to conform to his own illogical and contradictive views. Plus, he fueled tensions towards members coming from other boards. Surprisingly, most of my members were new to the genre.
They would not know about the member's bad reputation. He just wanted to "thrive." The member tried to cause an insurrection.

Is he a pathological liar?

The answer would be "yes."
Staff and I managed to isolate the member. He ended up leaving and made up some lie about some "stress" in his life. Plus, the member said he was not coming back. As a result, the atmosphere has become peaceful.
A friend had left the other board and joined my board. All of a sudden, the problematic member returned. We all know he was talking my friend.

He was talking about how he got bored. Plus, he talked about how he came back because of another member.

Does he have a grandiose sense of self?

The answer would be "absolutely." The person believes he is the lone outsider that knows more than everybody else. He thinks he is right. If people do not agree with him, he will constantly belittle them.

Does he have shallow emotions?

Yes, he does have shallow emotions. He does not seem to understand what he does only angers and alienates people. The member thinks only his views and opinions matter. Overall, he wonders why nobody wants to role-play with him.

Does he exhibit poor behavioral controls?

Yeah, he exhibited very poor behavior controls. He verbally trashed one of my staff members without just cause. The member was constantly being a jerk to my friend over MSN Messenger. He only cares about "winning."

Is he irresponsible?

Yes, he is very irresponsible. The member was not concerned about wrecking the lives of others. He did not care that he was making the environment of my board very hostile.

Does he engage in sexual behavior?

In real life, he does not get any. As a result, he constantly watches porn. He constantly gets off to cyber-sex. For some odd reason, he was engaging in a role-play rape campaign on the boards.
He almost killed my friends role-play forum because of that.

Does he engage in a parasitic lifestyle?

I consider him to be a pathogen. He sucked the energy and vigor out of my board, my staff members, my players, and I.

Does he give contempt to those that try to understand him?

The member tends to look at the world in his own warped way. When people try to understand him, he gives them contempt.

Does he perceive that nothing is wrong with him?

He does have that perception. The member does not understand why people will talk with him. There was no instance in which he admitted he was wrong.
When he is corrected, the member tries to evade.

Does he exercise despotic control over others?

He definitely does.
The boy managed to brainwash other members to agree with his view. However, he mainly takes advantage of younger members because they do not usually know that much.

Does he have an emotional need to justify his actions?

The member possesses no common sense or proper logic. When people tell the member off, he goes "emo." He ends up dissecting people's answers in regards to various situations. That does count as the need to justify his actions.

Does he possess extreme narcissism and grandiose?

Yes. He thinks that he is always right and everybody else is wrong.

Does he possess a disregard for moral and legal standards of local culture?

He never respected anybody else's beliefs, views, and opinions. Yet, he says he respects them. Overall, he has never shown any respect. Also, he had constantly disrespected the rules and policies of my board.

Under the DSM-IV, the member can be diagnosed as a sociopath. Also sociopaths do also possess the "Malignant Personality."

Malignant Personality:

Is he a habitual liar?

He had never told anybody a truth. All he has done was make up all sorts of lies and contradictions. Whenever he talks, he constantly contradicts himself. That does count as habitual lying.

Is he egotistical to the point of narcissism?

He believes he is the lone outsider that knows more than everybody else.

Does he use a scapegoat?

He blamed a friend of mine for his role-playing woes. Yet, he failed to understand why most people do not choose to role-play with him.

Is he remorselessly vindictive when exposed and/or thwarted?

Yes. My friend had it with the member. She had told him off. As a result, he tried to slander my friend's reputation.

But the interesting thing I have learned is that sociopaths tend to only remain in their comfort zones.
However, comfort zones can vary.
The reason they remain in their comfort zones is that they have the advantage. They will not enter any territory in which they do not have any advantage to use.

Sociopaths tend to pray on the weak.

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