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Definitions of the Behavior that indicates Sociopathic Tendencies

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"Definitions of the Behavior that indicates Sociopathic Tendencies"
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First and foremost, the sociopath feels he or she is owed. Their grandoise sense of entitlement is molded within their own insane little heirarchy, where they are the master and all else are "stupid". They are parasitical and like to attach themselves to people who have a title of some sort. Often times, people with titles are the enablers of sociopaths. I have seen this phenomenom.

They usually are terribly gregarious and use all the right "in" terms of the so called "cool people". They always have plans to get ahead or get somewhere. But the underlying plan, is most times, the plan of using you. That is, they don't have grounded goals and usually don't accomplish anything but trouble.

It is not unusual for these types to marry social workers or other people in a position to be manipulated for the gain of the sociopath.

It is not unusual for sociopaths to become police officers. What better position to be in to stroke their need for random revenge?

Sociopaths are like cancerous cells. They take on the personality and lingo of the "society". Why is the "society" so easily used? Because the "society" is not so far removed from the sociopath. Most usually, the difference between the sociopath and societal individuals is the sociopath took a more extreme amount and type of abuse, while ignored by societal members and most usually there were obvious signs that the young sociopath was being abused.

The sociopath learns what the "host societal cell" loathes and often times, therein are their victims found.

In very conservative realms, where church and "organization" are so vitally important, the sociopath thrives. The "host societal cell" itself, becoming cancerous. Where there must be a "scapegoat", or comparitive "bad guy" to make the host societal cell look good, the sociopath comes in handy.

The cause of sociopathic tendencies is the society and the society enables the sociopath. It is a vicious subconscious cycle. And sometimes, it is an "on purpose plan".

This "on purpose plan" is often directed toward single mothers and other types which make seemingly easy targets.

Society has its heirarchy and it has its way of eliminating others. Society itself, is sick and weak and using the sociopath to do its dirty work. Ever so often, a criminal case will be made widely public to infer justice of some sort to keep the "fray" happy. Thus eliminating the need for "Timothy McVeigh's".

One of the hallmarks of nouveau riche and middle class is the scapegoat. Sociopaths took the brunt of the abuse to an extreme, "society" knows it and plays the sociopath against those who never were in a position of power to do anything anyway. Thus completing the definition of "worthless persons".

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