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Definition of a Sociopath

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"Definition of a Sociopath"
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A sociopath is a liar and a user, plain and simple. They have no sympathy or empathy for anyone but themselves. They do not know, or want to learn, how to care about someone else. They are great actors for a while until they think they've got you hooked. Then you become nothing more than their victim. Their ultimate goal is to rule the world, including all the people in it.

A person with sociopathic tendencies tells you everything you want to hear and behaves exactly as you want them to behave. They sweep you off your feet and make you fall instantly in love with them. They're charming and sweet and LYING! A sociopath wants everything that everyone else has. They're very jealous of material things. They have a huge sense of entitlement. They will tell you that they don't love themselves. That's ridiculous. They ONLY love themselves. Don't be fooled.

A sociopath will use many people for many different things. They will use one person for their money, another for their car, another so that they can have a roof over their head. In the meantime, they have nothing nice to say about these people who, so generously, give up their money, cars and homes for the sociopath. The minute the sociopath is denied what he wants from you, he'll turn on a full-blown rage act. Or, if you're lucky, you'll get the crying act instead. Anything they can do to make you give, give, give to them. Their short-term goals are having everyone else do everything for them while they reap the benefits.

One thing about a sociopath always amazed me. The sociopath can be completely wrong about something. For example, let's say you tell the person "the sky is blue". They will respond with "no, it's green". Now, we all know the sky is blue but the sociopath will argue, scream and fight, if necessary, to prove that he's right and you're stupid. You know you're correct, but they are never wrong and will bully their opinions onto you.

They do not make good friends or lovers. They demand, not expect, but demand, way too much from people. Another tactic they use when they are denied something is to degrade, accuse and verbally abuse their victims. Since they are incapable of feeling for anyone else, this is an everyday occurrence for a sociopath. They will not tell you they're sorry because they're not. If they do tell you they're sorry, wait 10 minutes, they'll ask you for something. Sorry is only used, flippantly, when they want something from someone who's feelings they just hurt.

If you are involved with someone who shows these types of behaviors, I suggest running now. It won't get better. You have to look out for yourself, they certainly aren't looking out for you!

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