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This piece of writing is a key way of solving some common dating problems. It is how to handle a non reciprocated love while dating. It is a way of helping those whose men are about checking out. For all those ladies who are trying hard to win a man's heart. How to know when to let go and move on with your life .Are you a lady in relationship with a man that appear to be your charming prince but he is not responding to your love and advances as you expected? Have you observed that he is always giving excuses of why he forgot certain important dates that matter in your life? Is he avoiding to be introduced to your family? Did you feel that he is on the run like some have fled from you in the past? They left you heart broken and you feel that all men are the same. You are now convinced that: there are no sincere men out there?

Is this guy showing you mixed actions and confusing reactions? Is he behaving in a split image personality kind of? Is he showing a side today and another side tomorrow? Is he playing double roles? He is playing a lover and an enemy at another time? Is his tactics difficult to be freed from? Is he showing those traits that make you feel that you need to do more to win him over completely? Is he becoming an unreliable lover suddenly? Is it that his image keep coming to you in your dreams despites your understanding that he is cheating on you? And you are finding it difficult to be free from him? And characteristics becoming totally confusing?

Is it that he tells you at a point that you are the only one he loves, that he will never leave you, that he will pluck the moon for you but at another time, he says he is skeptical or he wants to move on into something new? That he is not even sure of his future? That he does not know for sure if he really wants to settle down yet? He is he the kind of guy you want, such that he is just the perfect match for you but you are constantly struggling over him? Such questions and more? You are not alone.

You see the way to pin him down is not by manipulations. It is not in forcing him to consent into get married to you sooner than his convictions. You see when a guy ask you that how can he mange his time? Or he is trying to figure out his life; or he needs a space to think, or he is always too busy to attend to you, those may be red signals that he is about checking out. So how do you know for sure that he is on the run? If:

He stops giving you enough attention,

When he cannot introduce you to new friends as the lady in his life,

When he cannot take out on occasions,

When he sneak out to places you normally ought to have gone together

when he tries to dodge you when attending a reunion party

when he fails to sit with you at events or he fails to speak with you there

When he is not ready for serious talk

When he is evasive about any straight hearty to heart talk or discussion

When he leaves you to take your decisions alone without advising you as before

When he fails to take up responsibilities

When he stops paying the bills or he starts to pay the bills he would have allowed you to pay

So how do you stop him when he is on the run?

Firstly you ought to stop hiding from the truth. If you are obsessed, face it. Seek help. And get over it. Don't pretend that it is truest love when it is not even a love in the first place. Confirm if the feelings are mutual. Realize that forcing him to have sex, go into untimely marriage and more. These are not the solution. It is not forcing a pregnancy on him; it is not one of those. Let go and let God

True love does not have to be forced. You don't have to struggle for it .it is simply earned. Money cannot buy it or pay for it. When it is truest love, God is involved. When God is in it; you are at peace with it and in it. If you are indeed true lovers who are meant to be forever; you will know it in your heart. When its true love your mind will not struggle about it. You won't be confused.

When it is true love; you will embrace counsel, truth and instructions concerning it. You won't be trying to be defensive about it. You wont think that people who wants you to get over confusion are trying to snatch you away from him or that they all wanted your relationship to break up so that they can smile and laugh at you. If it is truest love you will see things objectively from another angle. You will be fulfilled because; it's more than any emotion. It's more than what he says; it's what you know and you will be convinced about .there will be no shadow of doubts. You just know that you know and you know!

If it is true love you won't be trying to cope, you just fit in perfectly. No struggling for it to stay. Your arguments wont become fighting .your fighting wont be prolonged for days, weeks and months unnecessarily. It won't be that you could not just stop thinking of him. Your reasoning and feelings would have combined to show you it is real. True love doesn't have to stop you from facing your life and doing some other things that will make you progress in life. True love is not what makes you feel abandoned. It's what lifts you up. It comes to you where you are and take you onwards to where you are supposed to be.

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