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Cyborgs the Dream Body

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Cybornetic God

Humans Build computers who Have souls Designed and Controlled by Humans. Humans Can Re-Send the Computer soul into another Computer Body After the expiration. Would this then make Humans a god to The Computers . Maybe the God we think made US Is not Our maker, Nor Our god. Maybe the God we think made US is not even the god in control of our very soul. Maybe we where made by another race who Builds our DNA, Designs and Controls Our soul. Just as Humans have mastered Computers Body and soul.

Humans Born in Universe. Humans Build Computers, Videogame, Virtual Reality, Full Neurological Environmental Sensation V.R. , I.A., Computer Awareness,. Neuralgic Integration , ie Humans Build Universe within Universe= MetaVerse.

Picture This MetaVerse As a World within a Universe with the capabilities of an entire Universe. ie a Universe within a Universe. Say a Full Neurological Integrated Environmental Reality, A Video Game Like world, With rules written and composed By Human.

This World could have no end. Humans could design this world how ever they like, With what ever rules they with ie Laws of Physics written By Human.. Much the same as creating a videogame. In Fact exactly the same as creating a video game, Only in a future setting where Man can PLug into this Game with full Neuron Integration. And it is no longer a game it is a "Place".
Now far into the future Man may need Help In this Place and it may become possible to build Robots Completely within this Metaverse. These robots would of coarse have souls and Humans would have control of these souls as we do computer souls now. The existence of these robots would not leave the Metaverse. Meaning they would not need a Body out side of the meta verse.

These Robot Workers would not be built in our world and have to plug into the MetaVerse as Humans do. They would be built By man inside the MetaVerse Kind of like a computer program.

These Computer Program/Robot/Lifeforms, Could be built to evolve and reproduce. Its entire electronic DNA Would Be written By Humans. Rules Implied By Humans. Would we not then Be God to these life forms? Would we not be the Creator of the Universe and Life as they Know it?

Maybe Man was Not created By an all Omnipotent god

Yes its kind of like a matrix twist but, The matrix was made by Humans. Even though in the movie it is made by robots that where made by Humans. Our real true Matrix is Made by man, And who knows maybe soon mans computers will be building computers for man and thous computers will build the real Matrix.. The Irony of the Movie is the reality of it. Anyone who knows a lot about Building VR environments has to see the stunting closeness in the Movie "Matrix" And the goal of Human Reality.

One of my favorite VR Environment reality was to Play Turok with my AKG head phone on. I could hear in 3D sound and it felt more like I was in the game.. It is when one starts to integrate the 6 senses into the VR base environment. I think it was Metroid for ps2 that just made best environment! I know it was the new Metroid that got best Environment.. I would say try the game without headphones on, Then try put them on and see if it does not make it more real! The next step is to make total VR. We want to feel the graphic wind in our hair.

There is only One direction we wish to go in VR, and that is forward. What is forward? Full nuro integration. Of course we will have to pay dues and go one step at a time.. We have been from a 4 bit game system to 24 bit, to VR vision head sets, whats next? Do we know whats next? Of course we do.. Its simple, its not what is next it is where do we want to go next? Inside the game! This is where we go a step beyond integrating the senses into the VR environment. This is where we Integrate the Mind, Body and spirit into this VR world created By Man. This is where we have true cause and effect in this MetaVerse we created. This is the possibility of US creating Other Lifeforms, ie the idea that we may not have been created by the Only God

If you know a little about neurology and are able to build and program Computers. You may be able to see this world as I. I talk a lot about this Metaverse man is working on.. A lot of people think its Possible, but not much more than that. The truth is, Its here and now. This is REALITY! We have to start by understanding Life. One thing Most if not ALL life has in common is, The Brain, Nervis system and Body. And How these systems work. You have a Brain/Hard drive that does the thinking/software, You have Body parts,legs,arms/Hardware, and You have a Nevis system/ Wires to transfer the information.

People need to take into consideration the idea of "Computer awareness Nevis or "AI". See when you go add new hardware what does your computer do? It "Feels" for its legs/New hardware. When it feels through its Nevis system/ Wires, to its new leg,eyes/Hardware, It tell you found, Now it needs to learn how to use this new hardware. For a man to learn to use a new leg, we need years of physical therapy , but for this computer we have developed all this in one piece of software/Driver. Soon we will be able to do this in man as well.
This concept is where the two ideas of VR and creating AI meet. It goes even farther than that, Try eternal life on for size. How long can a silicone based Brain last? How long does Organic body last? Which one gets more viruses? I assure you all , some day we will all be able to decide if we want to be in an Organic Body or a Computer Body. We will be able to upload our entire brain though pattern into a computer based World/VR. What is your heaven? Like sports cars? Try buying a VR environment from Sony, say in the year 2169AD. So now when your body expires you can have your spirit implanted into this World you paid for.. You decide where you go when you die..

I think the Movie "The 6th Day" Was right on! Everybody should watch it.. It is amazing and has a lot of truth in it.. My Idea here is kind of a mix of the 6th day and the matrix. I bring up these movies because Not only would one be able to implant his soul into a computer hard drive/ brain but one could also implant his mind/soul into a clone or another Human Body.

This IS what its coming people.. The Evolution of technology is Natural!

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