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Cyborgs the Dream Body

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"Cyborgs the Dream Body"
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Ever since I was a boy I knew someone, somewhere was playing tricks on us.
Somehow I knew the six million dollar man, the bionic woman, wonder woman, the ones on space 1999 and all those super heroes, spaceships and kool inventions would turn up somewhere in the future. Its like I somehow perceived that all this allready existed but somehow had to be presented to the human race slowly so as to not cause a major shock.
But what do you see now in the movies and in real life? All these things that were presented in the tv programs in the past: celulars are the walkie talkies (similar to flip fones) that were used by the star trek team and the monitor used by the jetsons instead of a telephone are now the types of communications we have through the internet.
But going back to these superheroes which are now represented by some kind of mutants which meet the expectations of this so called dream body or cyborg many of us would like to somehow be a part of or experience. I have no doubt this isnt far from the truth or the close future.
So has science evolved so fast? or is it merely exposing its hidden secrets (top secret)slowly? I believe the highest part of our govenments are united with the most advanced scientist to hide many secrets from us including these experiments that have to do with replacing human parts or altering the human genes in order to create a new life form, a new dream body, that can survive world disaster or human termination.

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