Curiosity Makes Life Exciting Curiosity go for it

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"Curiosity Makes Life Exciting Curiosity go for it"
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One of the most outstanding Einstein quotes is “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Never lose a holy curiosity.” As it turns out curiosity is an essential characteristic of genius, certainly evident in Einstein himself.

To linger in the unknown just long enough to find a reason to further explore something, blinks curiosity into action. Curiosity then leads to an investigation, which in turn helps accumulate information, which is the essential activity the human brain uses to create pathways that help to process life. It’s breathtaking. 

A footnote in rhyme might be something like this. Curiosity seeks what to know, remains in the flow, and helps the mind grow. Curiosity is likely a part of the life of other animals too, and provides a flow of information that enhances, and helps to sustain life itself. Curiosity is a major turn on, turning a passive mind into an active one, which then creates an exciting environment for learning.

So then, curiosity is a most urgent companion, providing opportunity for learning, and more importantly, for gaining skill to live life more fully.

Aside from the act of examining new information, curiosity allows the mind to be playful, as well, in fact it allows exercise of the entire emotional spectrum. In addition, curiosity contributes to the strength of a mind, donating reserves of information that, in the future, may be a great advantage.

In the unlikely notion curiosity is to be avoided, there is a list of things that will make it quickly disappear. 

a/ instant labeling as something being boring

b/ an event considered an affront to an accepted way of thinking

c/ fear of change

d/ to lazy to have a new experience

e/ lack of an open mind

In the event there is a sudden, and unexplained loss of curiosity, where true boredom has set in, and is accompanied by a sense of disconnection, there are a few things that can be done to fully restore curiosity. 

In order to restore curiosity, and clarity,  perhaps reading a book will be of some assistance. A sudden encounter with laughter may shake off  the shadow  of indifference, or the appearance of someone who themselves has just benefited from an aha moment due to exercising their curiosity, may be just the ticket to an open mind event of astonishing power. There is evidence to indicate a change of location may offer the access to fully refresh the most out of date curiosity.

It is so very important to a life fully lived to exercise as much curiosity as is available, and, of course, appropriate. For the mind, it is all the vitamins rolled into one. If there is any doubt at all, just think of the reputation of the cat, and what it will risk for a frolic with curiosity.

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