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There are only some people in this world who seem to be cultured.  Of course, Britain's royal family pops in mind, first of all.  But, many Americans and the Japanese follow close behind.  Those Asian men who puff on their pipes in the opium dens seem cultured to me.

My idea of culture is classical music,  operas, fine art, James Bond, Truman Capote, Jackie Kennedy and caviar.  I could add more, but, since I am not cultured, wouldn't want to throw something in that didn't fit.  There are many women who attended elite colleges such as Bryn Mawr and are today some of the most cultured people in the world.

Now, we have three cats and since I'm home alone with them most of the time, have been watching and talking to them.  They have their own different personalities and are amazing to watch.  We also have a chihauhau dog named Chopper.

Baby is a laid back, lazy cat with rust threads running through her black coat.  She is a beautiful cat and loves to lie in my chair but, when I try to shoo her out, she will snap at me and try to scratch.  She is the mother of the other two.  Lately, she has become very grouchy.  Could it be something she picked up from me?

Chito is the funny one.  Her personality reminds me of "Prissy" in "Gone with the Wind".  She doesn't walk down the stairs, she hops and she and Chito are best friends.  In the morning, they run at break neck speed up and down the stairs chasing one another.

Cupcake is the one with culture.  She is a lovely calico and is graceful with manners.  She is just amazing.  She likes to sit with  Baby and look out the windows or sit, with her tail wrapped around her, on the arm of a couch.

We have an enclosed garage where the cats love to go.  I leave the door open just a bit so they can open it themselves, which they all do but, Cupcake.  She will sit at the door and look at me to come and open the door for her.  When I don't come, she will ask me, "meow, meow," and wait again.  If I don't come then, she will walk over to me and say, "meow, meow" and turn expecting me to follow, which I do.  If the garage light is not on, she won't go in, she then, cases out the garage, then steps with care in.

Someone had filled the cats bowls in a rush one morning and there was some spilled on the floor.  Chito and Baby ate, as usual,  but, Cupcake would not eat until she came to get me and I cleaned up the spilled food.  Thank goodness, it was the dry kind.

I say, Cupcake is cultured.  She is Chito's sister.  How could Baby have had two babes with such different personalities?

Chopper won't eat dogfood - neither the wet or dry.  He likes the cat food.  I don't know what possessed him one day to pee in the cats' bowl, but, he did.  This started a war.

Baby and Cupcake were under a table discussing what to do, all the time, looking at the varmit,  and we knew Chopper was in for a cat fight.  They finally caught him off guard and paid him back.  That was the only time Cupcake had ever shown violence.

Cupcake is meticulous about where she steps, lets Baby preen her yellow and white coat, and eats so daintily.  When she speaks, it is in a very soft voice. 

So, I say this cat is as cultured as a cat can be. 

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