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This is an interesting topic. Why do some people cry more than others? Ohmy, the silly scenarios I've heard. I am someone who has seen both sides of many different coins, so at the risk of sounding egotistical, I gotta tell you; I know a thing or two about this one.

You see, I believe that a persons "tear trigger" Yea, that's what I do....rename things in lay- mans terms, Anyway, the "tear trigger" is completely determined by the individuals experiences up to that point. Okay, granted some babies cry more than others, but those things have been medically explained with terms like colic. I also do not believe that those things have any long term effects on a persons "tear trigger."

For example, I cried consistently for the first 4 months of my life; needless to say, I grew up in very cold, unaffectionate surroundings. Crying was taboo. If you did it, you were weak. I bet you can guess what the outcome was, oh yea, I not only became a person who never cried, but I began to look at other criers as weak individuals. The worst part, was that I began to question my remorse level.

Clearly, my "tear trigger" had been almost "disconnected" if you will. The beliefs of my adopted parents, and their mind conditioning that crying was ridiculous had made me anything but a cryer. I kept noticing that my friends (the ones who cried freely) were all raised in a different environment than myself. For the most part, they were all surrounded by people growing up that had no issues with crying themselves as well.

It wasn't until years later, and a tremendous amount of people studying, that I began to see that the criers were not strange individuals, but that they were exactly that....(individuals.) It seemed like the more tough situations my friends faced, the more it took for them to cry. Including myself. It was the people faced with no problems bigger than what day they should cut the grass, that seemed to cry at the drop of a hat.

Most of all, I must add that after having my children, there was even more so of an awakening that took place. I saw the vulnerability that I must have had at a young age, and became confused at how anyone could feel nothing after that. By no means, however am I suggesting that you have to have children to discover what level your "tear trigger" is set on. I must say, due to the fact that most of my life was spent gawking at the criers, I still find myself getting a little annoyed when people cry their eyes out over a house plant that didn't survive, but like I said, they're usually the same people that spend their day at work pining over weather or not to mow the lawn that evening, or what to make for diner.

In conclusion, our surroundings have alot more of an effect on us than you think. I bet that if most of us looked into our past far enough, we would figure out exactly why some of us cry alot more than others. Warning, just looking back could be a "tear trigger" all by itself.

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