Criminals in Society looking for Solutions

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"Criminals in Society looking for Solutions"
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To begin with there should be the same rules for the rich as there are for the poor. As we all know the rich get slaps on the hands and away with murder, lying under oath and other crimes, while the poor usually get much stiffer sentences and spend years in jail.

We should then have prisons that suit the crime, all people who make deals with the government should be placed in the same prison, so they are not locked up twenty-three hours a day for security or stabbed because they were rats.

We should also put people who commit the same type of crimes together, a white collar criminal; someone who just steals money without hurting anyone and/or someone on drugs or alcohol is not the same as a child molester, mass murder and/or rapist. By putting all criminals together many of they are abused in prison by the more hardened criminals and when they come out they are never the same and can never get on the straight road again.

People can either go to jail or beat the sentence because some members of the jury say that they will be fair but they really aren't fair; sometimes it is because of the Judge backing out on the deal that was made with the Government and the witness protection deal is shot down; sometimes a person on drugs will get the wrong advice from the public defender and wind up in jail for a longer sentence than if they had gone to trial and have their lives ruined and sometimes the press can play a large role in having society judge the person as being guilty and/or innocent.

There are so many factors involved in each case and as in all legal matters is is the people with the best lawyers and/or most money who are the winners.

Hopefully we will be given the wisdom to help those who have been victims of crimes on both sides of the fence. If everyone could learn that crime does not pay and that everyone involved are losers, be it the families who had the crime committed against them or the people who commit the crimes and their families.

And of course there are those who are responsible for the crimes committed who never get caught and/or put in jail, like the drug lords and others who rob the public every day.

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